Madhya Pradesh STSF seizes exotics in India’s first rule 49 M enforcement | India News

Madhya Pradesh STSF seizes exotics in India's first rule 49 M enforcement

BHOPAL: The Madhya Pradesh State Tiger Strike Force (STSF) seized an iguana and an emperor scorpion during a raid on a residence in Dewas. This action marks the first enforcement of Rule 49 M of the amended Wildlife Protection Act (1972).
Both species, listed under Appendix II of Schedule IV of the Act and CITES regulations, require specific permits for trade and captivity.The authorities found no such documents with the accused.
The rescued animals are currently under safekeeping at the Kamala Nehru Zoological Museum in Indore. The investigation is ongoing, with more suspects outside the state identified for further action.
This case coincides with the recent implementation of the Living Animal Species (Reporting and Registration) Rules 2024. The new regulations mandate online registration of ownership, birth, and death of CITES-listed animals through the PARIVESH portal by August 31, 2024. Non-compliance will result in legal repercussions.

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