Maharajganj Bihar Lok Sabha election 2024: Date of voting, result, candidates, main parties, schedule | India News

NEW DELHI: Maharajganj is one of the 40 parliamentary constituencies of Bihar. The Election Commission of India announced the date of Lok Sabha elections on March 16. Bihar will go to polls in 7 phases.
In the 2024 candidates list for the Maharajganj Lok Sabha constituency include Aakash Kumar Singh of INC and Janardan Singh (Sigriwal) of BJP among others.
Main parties
Main parties contesting in Bihar include the NDA alliance, with BJP and JD(U) re-uniting and the Mahagathbandhan alliance which includes RJD and Congress among others.
Lok Sabha 2019 result
In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Pankaj Choudhary of the BJP emerged victorious by receiving 59.20% of the votes polled. He won against Akhilesh of SP.
Voting date and result
The Maharajganj Lok Sabha constituency is scheduled go to polls on May 25, 2024 with the Election Commission announcing results on June 4.

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