Mission Impossible to Tenet: Did you know these 5 action scenes were made without CGI? | Hollywood

A high-voltage action sequence like the one in Mad Max: Fury Road involves so many technicalities and placements. To know that some of those sequences where achieved without any CGI is astonishing. Tom Cruise, inarguably one of the biggest movie stars in the world, would know a thing or two on this topic. His Mission Impossible stunts are terrific to look at, and equally hard to pull off. Check out some of the most intense action scenes in films, over the years, that have not used CGI. (Also read: 8 Bollywood movie scenes that will never fail to make you laugh)

Stills from Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and Mad Max: Fury Road.
Stills from Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Mad Max: Fury Road battle involving poles

Many explosions, bike chases, and an open desert- director George Miller achieved a technical marvel in Mad Max: Fury Road with those long action sequences that had little added effects and relied on practical sources altogether. The behind-the-scenes Crash & Smash video tells you exactly how! High-flying jumps, flame-throwers and long takes- the effect is thrilling.

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Tenet plane crash scene

It is okay if you did not understand much of Tenet and still marvelled at the action. But there are also the elaborate and larger-than-life stunts that show how far Christopher Nolan could go to push the envelope. The plane crash in the movie was real!

Fast and Furious

In the Fast and Furious universe, cars are for more than simple pleasures. A bunch of cars falling out of a skyscraper scene in Fast and Furious 8 did involve plowing real cars from a high rise building.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation aeroplane sequence

Tom Cruise did the impossible in that aeroplane sequence in Mission Impossible- Rouge Nation (2015), where he’s seen hanging onto a flying airplane without digital effects. It could have gone very, very wrong but there were rehearsals; he had to wear special contact lenses to protect his eyes from wind and debris and he was also strapped to a full-body harness.

The Dark Knight

Did you know that the 18-wheeler truck that flips midway into The Dark Knight was completely real? Christopher Nolan wanted to achieve something challenging, that no one had tried before in the action space. He did that in this memorable scene with a lot of prep and calculation since it was an urban, close space of La Salle street!

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