My Hero Academia Chapter 424 spoilers: Shigaraki’s heartbreaking fate revealed; Final War leads to bittersweet Epilogue

Although My Hero Academia’s mangaka Kohei Horikoshi has confirmed that the beloved superhero adventure has yet to wrap up its final chapters, the upcoming edition’s spoilers have already affected the fandom. Chapter 424 will swoop in on Monday, June 3, at 12 am JST, as it swoops in with the aftermath of the Final War arc. With the last-standing heroes dealing with their injuries and broken souls, the story is expected to come full circle as Deku and Bakugo again helm the control over the story’s central gravity like in the old days.  

Deku and Bakugo in My Hero Academia Season 7.
Deku and Bakugo in My Hero Academia Season 7.

Here’s what you can look forward to in the forthcoming My Hero Academia chapter. 

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My Hero Academia Chapter 424 spoilers

According to renowned My Hero Academia spoilers scooper @RukasuMHA on X/Twitter, the upcoming chapter (titled ‘Epilogue’) will be set in Washington and focus on the aftermath of the Final War. As the weather clears up, Meryl apologises for getting the forecast wrong, while also warning people of strong winds.

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The wind in question was generated by Deku’s mighty punch, which ultimately ended the war for good. Thereafter, Cementoss and Salaam are pictured rebuilding an establishment, which becomes a cause for celebration and relief for some children waiting to find abode there. Other international heroes joined their Japanese counterparts to facilitate rehabilitating the country and clear up the debris left behind by the war.

Even the media is cognisant of quirks’ indispensable role. As a reporter points out, without these abilities, the nation’s reconstruction would take more than ten years.

The scene later shifts to the hospital as a doctor addresses Bakugo’s injured arm, which he believes will never fully heal. As he’s stuck in limbo, the doctor suggests that he put on robotic limbs like Mirko if he wishes to continue his heroic responsibilities. However, he instantly turns the proposition down because his quirk is generated by the sweat on his hands.

Holding on to the belief that Deku was quirkless, Bakugo decides to push himself harder in rehab, which in turn worries the doctor. With Bakugo’s heart in danger, the doctor is perturbed by the thought of how Bakugo was able to push himself through the fight. Without Edgeshot’s play, he would have been dead a long time ago.

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The scene eventually switches over to another hospital room where Deku and All Might are admitted in the same room. Although Deku could move his arms again, he was still drowning in regret about his failure to save Tenko Shimura. He then reflects on how, despite all the hatred dissipating in his heart, he still maintained his stance as the leader of the League of the Villains till his dying breath.

Once All Might asked Deku what Shigaraki’s face looked like in the end, he recalled his last conversation with him. His mentor suggests that if he didn’t see him as the crying boy, his heart was already saved.

All Might guides him that when he passed on the OFA to Shigaraki, he would’ve understood Deku’s intentions. Nevertheless, he still senses the OFA embers within. At this moment, Bakugo enters the room. Discovering that those embers may fade away soon, leaving Deku quirkless, all their old memories from the beginning come rushing back into Bakugo’s mind, and he’s overcome by emotion. The unusual sight shocks Deku to the core. Though originally his rival, Bakugo reflects on his actions from the past, affirming that he hopes to continue their layered clash with each other, which has equally aided their respective character developments — even All Might acknowledges their growth.

He claims that Deku became the greatest hero the moment he ran and that he’s become a role model to many others. Conversely, Bakugo’s efforts saved All Might’s life, leading up to this moment shared between them. He thanks both of them and accepts them as the greatest heroes.

The final page of the alleged spoilers previews Deku, Iida and Kaminari back in their school uniforms as the U.A. continues being rebuilt.

Although it seems as if the story has flipped the last page of its final moments, the series’ mangaka reassured the fans this is not the end.

Referencing the much-awaited return to the “academia” roots of the series, Kohei Horikoshi’s editorial comment in this week’s edition reads: “Writing conventions say that the conclusion of a story should be short, but this is not the type of manga that can immediately end after the fighting is done, so I’ll keep going for a little while. We’re going back to the title.”

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