Navraj Hans: My dad had clearly told me he won’t ever launch me; nobody can become a star using the name of the family

Singer-actor Navraj Hans, son of veteran singer- politician Hans Raj Hans, has carved a niche for himself, but he confesses the journey this far hasn’t been an easy one. “I am working on independent music a lot right now. I’m at a position where I have the money to do it; earlier I didn’t have that kind of money,” says Navraj, who is soon going to release his own EP, adding, “Mere papa ne bol rakha tha main kabhi album ya music video ke lye paise nahi dunga, khud karo, main kabhi launch nahi karunga tumhe. Independent artistes are bigger than playback singers in the current scenario.”

Navraj Hans on nepotism
Navraj Hans on nepotism

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Navraj also tells us that he has stopped revealing anything about his upcoming Bollywood tracks. “My EP is coming out very soon and a song is also coming out in July first week, named Wide Wheels. I can’t disclose about any Bollywood songs that I am doing because there’s no surety. We (singers) are called to Bombay to sing a song and there is a chance that after me, around 6-7 singers will also sing the same song. So, you never know kiska gaana ya awaaz final hogi,” he continues, “The voice that the producer, director and music director like, they pick. Isilie hum kuch bolte hi nahi hain ki mere gaana araha hai iss film mein. Vo ek process hai, mujhe usse koi dikkat nahi hai, I like staying in competition. When I was new in the industry, I used to tell everyone that my song is coming in so and so film and when it didn’t come, it used to hurt a lot.”

Ask how his journey has been, owing to the fact that he is also singer Daler Mehndi’s son-in-law and Navraj reveals, “I started getting work four to five years ago, after struggling for over a decade. I value each and every penny I earn. Jab aap ghar se nikalte ho, toh pehle din se hi aapko shows milne nahi lag jaate. You do riyaz first, you go to music directors, then they give you a time and then makes you sing a scrap. I’ve sung some 400-500 scraps and then some of songs were fnalised. From the songs that I sang, if 50 songs got finalised then four to five worked and that’s how I started getting work after that.”

The singer asserts that whatever work you get in the first year is only to prove yourself that you are a good live performer. “You start doing live performances and then a different struggle starts to maintain it. To climb over your basic needs independently, it takes five years easily,” adds the singer, known for his songs Chhote Chhote Peg and Veerey Di Wedding.

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Navraj also touches upon the debate around the benefits of nepotism, and clarifies that it definitely didn’t really work in his case. “Family main agar koi ho toh easy yeh hota hai ki bade pyaar se log gate khol dete hain, chai bhi peela denge ya shayad lunch bhi karva den, but kaam aapko sirf apne talent ke basis par hi milega. No commendatory works in the industry. No one can become a star using money or the name of the family. Only hard work can take you forward. It’s not like I just have to sit on the chair of a factory and I’ll be the MD, I have to sing in the mic, mere papa ne nahi gaana aake. Although, he has taught me how to sing on a mic, I am lucky in that matter that I had such a great ustaad and I’ve learnt everything from him,” he concludes.

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