NCT’s Haechan and Johnny accused of getting intimate with fans: Alleged hotel pics surface, NCTzens defend

NCT members Haechan and Johnny are facing some serious trouble after reports and photos suggested they had intimate encounters with fans. Controversy has been swirling around the group lately, especially after the Starbucks incident. Now, an account called @kira_ceo_main has posted photos and tweets accusing the NCT members of sleeping with three Japanese girls, two of whom were supposedly fans. The photos have already gone viral on social media and fans are waiting for the agency to respond.

NCT members Johnny and Haechan embroiled in controversy over alleged relationships with Japanese fans.(pic-sm ent)
NCT members Johnny and Haechan embroiled in controversy over alleged relationships with Japanese fans.(pic-sm ent)

NCT’s Haechan and Johnny accused of intimate fan interaction

The account behind these accusations is connected to the Japanese nightlife scene, alleging that the boys were involved with girls associated with this industry and who worked as cabaret hostesses. The hotel where these events supposedly took place is reportedly the same one where Haechan had recently held a livestream, identified as the Capitol Hotel Tokyo according to Koreaboo’s report. The now-deleted tweet has spread like wildfire and fans are fuming over the photos. Furthermore, there were claimed sightings of the three girls outside the hotel, with Johnny and Haechan present.

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Controversy surrounds Haechan and Johnny, fans defend

The accusations went further. One tweet included a photo, possibly shared by a woman involved, showing five glasses, various drinks, and what looked like ‘suspicious’ packets. But that wasn’t all. Another tweet emerged as a screenshot of a supposed conversation between Johnny and a fan named Miu, suggesting plans to meet in Japan during NCT 127’s upcoming schedule there.

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Netizens also dug up details about the women involved. One, named Miu, appeared to be a fan of NCT’s Doyoung as evident in her social media posts. Another woman reportedly follows NCT’s Mark. Further suspicion arose from a screenshot posted by one of the women, allegedly depicting a conversation with Johnny that hinted at a future meeting in Japan coinciding with NCT 127’s schedule there. However, it’s important to note that the main account was taken down likely due to fan reports, raising questions about the accuracy of the claims. SM Entertainment is yet to roll out a response

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