Neeti Mohan warns against use of AI in music: Human emotion is irreplaceable

Jul 09, 2024 05:55 PM IST

Neeti Mohan strongly believes that the experience of a singer’s voice is under no threat from technology.

Several singers and musicians have recently raised concerns over the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the music industry. The latest one to weigh in on the matter is singer Neeti Mohan, who has strong opinions on the presence of AI in the Indian music scene. She asserts that while AI can enhance experiences, it can never replace the emotional depth brought by humans.

Neeti Mohan speaks about AI threat.
Neeti Mohan speaks about AI threat.

“I feel AI, robots, or any kind of artificial intelligence has to be used wisely. What an artist does is unique — they bring their heart, soul, and energy into their work. It is something that can never be replaced,” Mohan says.

Recently, Oscar-winning music composer AR Rahman had used AI to recreate voices of late singers Bamba Bakya and Shahul Hameed for the song Thimiri Yezhuda in Lal Salam. It was revealed by the artiste himself that permission had been sought from family members and and remuneration sent for the same. The move, however, had attracted mixed reactions from within the industry and netizens.

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Sharing her personal views on it, Mohan highlights the need for caution and expresses concerns about AI potentially de-personalising art. She says, “Yes, we do use technology and software (to enhance voices/music), but using AI to recreate a singer’s voice who has passed away or using an existing singer’s voice without their permission is illegal. I’ve heard that there are some legalities being worked out so that it is not misused in the future. AI is depersonlising art. After a point, people will themselves know that it is not a good choice.”

Mohan, who recently released her rendition of Tu Hai Toh from Rajkummar Rao-starrer Mr & Mrs Mahi, concludes optimistically, acknowledging the humorous side of AI in creating multi-voice collages but cautions: “I have seen some people making collages. It is nice and amusing. But beyond that I have not seen anyone misuse AI yet. Whatever be the case, people must be cautious because what is art, music, singing, dancing; It is human expression. If it becomes artificial, it may lose its impact.”

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