Nicole Kidman faces thin ‘body shaming’ online while supporting Australian music | Hollywood

On Thursday, Nicole Kidman posted a series of photos on Instagram to show her love for Australian music and support a good cause.

Followers defend Nicole Kidman and call out body-shaming(Instagram/Nicole Kidman)
Followers defend Nicole Kidman and call out body-shaming(Instagram/Nicole Kidman)

The Hollywood star, who is married to country singer Keith Urban, wore different T-shirts from Australian artists to raise money for music workers through @SupportACT.

But instead of praising her charitable gesture, some of her followers draw attention on her thin appearance and body-shame her.

“You need to eat,” one of them wrote.

Another stated, “Lord someone get that girl a sandwich.”

Another one commented, “Somebody give her a cheeseburger.”

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Some of them also expressed their concern about the message she was sending to her fans.

“There are too many people out there sadly trying to follow these artificial standards and suffering as a result of this,” they continued.

However, not everyone was negative. Some of her followers defended her and asked others to stop judging her.

"Set life, with the @AmericanFilmInstitute": Nicole Kidman(Instagram/Nicole Kidman)
“Set life, with the @AmericanFilmInstitute”: Nicole Kidman(Instagram/Nicole Kidman)

“Jesus are you people for real? Some people are naturally thin and really a cheeseburger? The most unhealthy, cholesterol ridden food? Pretty mean,” one of them wrote.

“So true… thin shaming is just as horrible as fat shaming. Ppl really need to focus on their own betterment,” another agreed.

“Everyone is made differently – keep your opinions to yourself & learn to be kind. The world doesn’t need your judgement,” another advised.

“She is supporting Australian music and a charity that supports musicians mental health. Read the room,” another pointed out.

“Don’t be gross,” someone else said.

Meanwhile, Elle Macpherson complimented Nicole on her youthful looks, writing, “Teenager.”

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Nicole showed off her legs in a white T-shirt in the first photo. She looked stunning as she posed with glamorous hair and makeup.

In the second photo, she wore a black T-shirt that said ‘Urban Girl’, in a nod to her husband. She held her hair and looked away from the camera.

In the third photo, she rocked a tie-dye T-shirt from a local rock band. She made a rock-on gesture and stuck out her tongue.

Nicole wrote in the caption, “Celebrating Aussie music for #AusMusicTShirtDay today. Throw on a tee from one of your favorite Australian artists to help raise funds for music workers through @SupportACT.”

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