Not Bianca Censori, it’s Kanye West’s ‘out of this world’ museum date outfit that stole the show | Hollywood

Kanye West, never one to shy away from a headline, attended a recent art affair with his wife Bianca Censori. The duo was spotted spending their 4th of July holiday in California at a science museum. However, this time, it wasn’t Bianca who grabbed the spotlight for her usual outrageous clothing style; instead, it was the Yeezy founder himself who turned heads with an outfit that was anything but ordinary.

Bianca Censori's risque outfits continue to raise eyebrows as friends claim Kanye West treats her like an 'art installation'(Instagram)
Bianca Censori’s risque outfits continue to raise eyebrows as friends claim Kanye West treats her like an ‘art installation'(Instagram)

Kanye West and Bianca Censori step out for a museum date

Forget the fireworks, Hollywood lovebirds celebrate the 4th of July in all sorts of ways! While some partied all night, others opted for romantic outings. Kanye and Bianca, however, took a unique approach – they ditched the crowds and explored the wonders of science at San Francisco’s Exploratorium.

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Snapped hand-in-hand on their way in, the pair appeared completely absorbed in their surroundings ignoring everything else as they explored displays such as the perplexing Cafe Wall Illusion and the dreamlike Fog Bridge. Witnesses reported that Kanye and Bianca were totally engrossed in their own world, and despite recognising them, fellow museum-goers admired them from afar, respecting their privacy.

Kanye West took the trophy for his bizarre outfit

Many pictures surfaced from the couple’s date, where they were spotted sitting next to each other and admiring the art pieces. Kanye, ditching his signature black hole wardrobe, opted for a full-on white spacesuit – complete with matching sneakers and a helmet-like hood (thankfully with some air vents!) With this get-up, fans jokingly speculated if he was prepping for a lunar landing or just applying to NASA, following controversies that have recently overshadowed his music career.

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Bianca, on the other hand, looked enthralling as she always does. The surprising sight this time was that she was fully covered—an unusual sight to witness. Going back to her black hair, she sported an aqua blue tube top, skinny white pants, and clear high heels. The Yeezy model was also photographed engrossed in scientific discussions on a red phone within the Talking With Educators Exhibit.

The recent outing follows days after the Australian architect was accused of sending an X-rated video to a former Yeezy employee, accessible to minors as well. Bianca vehemently denied the claim, as reported by Page Six. A lawsuit has been initiated in California, accusing Kanye and his ex-Chief of Staff Milo Yiannopoulos, of mistreating and using racial insults against their workers.

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