NSG holds joint anti-terror mock drills with US special forces | India News

NEW DELHI: National Security Guard (NSG) is conducting joint counter-terror mock drills with the US Special Operations Forces (SOF) at multiple locations in Kolkata, to enhance interoperability and coordination between the two special forces.
The seventh edition of the annual Indo-US joint counter-terrorism exercise ‘Tarkash’ commenced on April 22 at the Kolkata hub of NSG and shall culminate on May 15.The three-week exercise encompassed intense training and mock drills in urban counter terrorism scenarios.
The joint exercise also involved sharing of best practices, tactics, techniques and procedures over a wide spectrum of counter terror operations in an urban environment including close quarter battle, building intervention drills, hostage rescue operations, surveillance, long range sniping and planning complex operations involving multiple targets in multiple locations.
The primary objective of the Indo-US exercise ‘Tarkash’ is to build functional relation and enhance interoperability between their special forces in conducting coordinated counter-terror operations, particularly in urban counter-terrorism contingencies, an NSG spokesperson told TOI on Tuesday. It is also aimed at improving bilateral cooperation between India and US in matters relating to combating terrorism, in all its forms and manifestations.
The previous edition of Tarkash — considered crucial in terms of security challenges being faced by both countries in the current global scenario — was conducted at Chennai in January 2023.
NSG and US SOF conduct regular exchanges in various aspects of the counter-terrorism as part of bilateral, mutual counter-terrorism capacity building initiatives and mechanism.

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