Opposition wants to turn majority into 2nd-class citizens: PM Modi | India News

LUCKNOW: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said INDIA bloc parties want to turn the country’s majority community into second-class citizens and also accused them of planning to rewrite the Constitution to provide reservation on the basis of religion.
Sharpening the debate over Muslim quota and who wanted to change the Constitution, the PM attacked both SP and Congress at his rallies in Mirzapur and Ghosi, accusing them of promising religion-based reservation in the past.Addressing a public meeting in Mirzapur, Modi said: “Here, first-time voters won’t remember the SP’s 2012 manifesto. SP clearly stated in their manifesto that just as Babasaheb gave reservation to Dalits, the same reservation will be given to Muslims. This goes against the spirit of the Constitution and Babasaheb’s ideals.”
“Even in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the SP in its manifesto announced to give reservation to Muslims. The SP had also announced that even in police and PAC (Provincial Armed Constabulary) 15 percent reservation will be given to Muslims,” The PM said.
PM rakes up ‘Congress’s pre-2014 plan’ to ‘create’ minority institutions overnight
Modi also raked up Congress’s “pre-2014 plan to declare schools, colleges, and universities as minority institutions”.
“For this, Congress swiftly changed laws overnight and declared thousands of educational institutions as minority institutions. Previously, these institutions provided reservations to SCs, STs, OBCs, but that was completely abolished and reservations were now given to Muslims,” he said.
A few days ago, the PM had on social media a video of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi campaigning in UP “10-12 years ago”, where he is purportedly heard accusing the late SP patriarch Mulayam Singh of going back on a promise to provide reservation to Muslims.
In Ghosi, where he addressed another large gathering, Modi said, “Today, I have come to alert the people of Purvanchal and Ghosi about the big conspiracy of INDIA bloc.”Citing the opposition alliance’s three “big conspiracies”, he said, “First, they will change the Constitution so that reservation can be given based on religion. Second, they will end reservations for SCs, STs and OBCs. Third, they will distribute the entire reservation basket among Muslims.”
Modi said a new conspiracy was being hatched to achieve their objective. “They are declaring Muslim castes as OBCs overnight. Recently, Calcutta high court rejected OBC reservations for 77 classes in West Bengal. The vote-hungry Congress and SP want to change Ambedkar’s Constitution so that their nefarious designs can’t be challenged in court.”
Attacking SP & Congress again for turning down the invitation to attend the Ram temple’s consecration, the PM said their senior functionaries tried to even find fault in the construction of the shrine when nothing else worked.He said this was the same opposition that conspired to overturn the Supreme Court verdict on Ram Janmabhoomi, just like the Shah Bano case. “When I expose them, they start raising slogans about digging my grave.”
He cautioned voters that INDIA bloc wanted castes like Rajbhar, Kushwaha, Gond, Kurmi, Brahmin, Rajput, Kayashtha, and Sindhi to fight among themselves and eventually get weaker. “Caste divides will benefit the alliance, which wants to divert people’s attention from actual issues.”

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