‘Party with Emergency mindset … ‘: PM Modi slams Rahul Gandhi’s ‘country will be on fire’ remarks | India News

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday attacked the Congress and said the grand old party wants to push the country towards anarchy and instability. “Congress has started instigating people against electoral verdict. The party with Emergency mindset does not have faith in democracy any more,” the Prime Minister said at a poll rally in Uttarakhand.
PM Modi was reacting to Rahul Gandhi‘s remarks at INDIA bloc rally on Sunday where the former Congress president had accused the BJP of match-fixing and had said if the BJP wins these match-fixed elections and changes the Constitution, the whole country will be on fire.
Launching a blistering attack over the remark, PM Modi said, “The prince of the royal Congress family has declared that if the country elects Modi for a third term (at the Centre), the country will go up in flames. Those who ruled the country for 60 years and have been out of power for only 10 years are now talking about setting the country on fire. Wouldn’t you all give a befitting reply to such people? Will you not punish such people? Is this language of democracy? This time ensure that not even one of them is left in the field.”
“In Karnataka, a senior Congress leader spoke about dividing the country into two parts,” PM Modi further said and attacked the grand old party for rewarding the leader with a poll ticket instead of punishing him.
The Prime Minister also asserted that the action against the corrupt will go on. “Don’t you think the corrupt should go to jail. The corrupt are threatening and abusing me. But they can’t deter me. Action against each one of the corrupt will continue,” PM Modi said.
“This is the first election in which all corrupt people are rallying together to stop action on corruption,” PM Modi said at another rally in Rajasthan’s Kotputli. “I question family-based parties and their corruption, that is why I am on their target,” he added.
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