Pawar vs Pawar: Ajit’s wife vs Sule in Baramati | India News

PUNE: A political showdown between members of the Pawar family in Baramati was officially confirmed, with both factions nominating their candidates for the Lok Sabha constituency in Maharashtra that had elected Supriya Sule as its MP for three consecutive terms since 2009, reported.
NCP (SCP) led by Sharad Pawar declared his daughter Sule’s candidacy for the seat Saturday evening.Within minutes, Ajit Pawar-led NCP nominated his wife Sunetra to challenge his cousin Sule.
My work as an MP speaks for itself: Sule on Baramati
Earlier, Shiv Sena leader Vijay Shivtare announced his decision to withdraw from the election race in Baramati, which has been a stronghold of the Pawar family for four decades. Consequently, Sule and her sister-in-law Sunetra, making her debut in active politics, are set to engage in a head-to-head contest.
“BJP tried quite hard to defeat the Pawars in Baramati, but they always failed. Ultimately, they had to field a Pawar against a Pawar. However, I am ready for the challenge as my work as an MP speaks for itself. I am sure the people of Baramati will vote in my favour,” Sule said.
For her part, Sunetra said: “…I am very thankful to all the leaders of Mahayuti and NDA for giving me the opportunity to contest the Lok Sabha polls.” On the impending Pawar versus Pawar contest, Sunetra emphasised: “This is not a family issue. It is the national election. People of the constituency will decide the future. Looking at the response so far, I am very confident.”
The constituency has consistently elected Pawars, whether for the larger Baramati Lok Sabha seat or the assembly segment, also named Baramati and currently represented by Ajit Pawar.
With a familial discord infiltrating their hometown, traditional Pawar family voters face a dilemma. However, one thing is certain – both Sharad Pawar & Ajit Pawar will be preoccupied with campaigning in Baramati, given the significance of the electoral battle.

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