People don’t want Constitution scrapped, have high expectations from INDIA bloc: Dharmendra Yadav | India News

Samajwadi Party candidate from Azamgarh, Dharmendra Yadav, says that those trying to become well-wishers of the Yadav community should first ensure the release of innocent youths languishing in jails and stop “fake encounters”. In an interview with Rajeev Dikshit, Yadav says that he is confident of his victory as people are looking at INDIA bloc with great expectations.Excerpts:
How confident are you of your victory in Azamgarh. Are caste equations working in your favour?
This election is no longer about caste and communal equations. People from all sections of the society, including OBC, Dalits and minorities, who have faith in democracy, Constitution, and development, are now united. The young generation is upset over paper leaks, unemployment and Agniveer scheme, and has high expectations from the INDIA bloc.
How will you stop the division of OBC who traditionally support SP in Azamgarh?
There is no division of traditional votes. More than 90% of the people from all sections of the society are extending support to INDIA bloc. People do not want scrapping of the Constitution, reservation, and democracy.
Your rival parties are questioning why SP prefers Yadav candidates only from Saifai family. Your take.
If they are trying to prove that they are well-wishers of Yadavs, they should stop fake encounters of Yadavs, and release those who are in jail on fake charges. In fact, they are upset with SP’s PDA formula given by party chief Akhilesh Yadav. They are making an issue out of five tickets to a family. We fought elections in these constituencies in 2014 and 2019, and we will continue to do so in future.
BJP is claiming that it will defeat SP in Azamgarh based on development works done by it?
BJP has given nothing for Azamgarh. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited recently and opened a room in the name of the airport, which had already been developed by ‘netaji’ (SP patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav) before 2007. And, 33 days after its opening by PM, the same room caught fire. They are trying to take credit for the works already done by SP.
What is SP doing to stop BJP from repeating a performance like that in 2019 general elections?
Today, BJP has nothing to offer to the people. They are claiming that they will win over 400 seats. But as the election is progressing, it is becoming clear that they will stay below 200 seats.

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