PM Modi facilitated return of Indian students from conflict-hit Ukraine, says Rajanth Singh | India News

NEW DELHI: Defence minister Rajnath Singh lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his swift action in facilitating the safe return of 22,500 stranded Indian students from Ukraine. Addressing an election rally in western Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad, the veteran BJP leader also lauded Modi for transforming India’s reputation on the global stage since becoming prime minister in 2014.
Singh said that PM Modi‘s diplomatic efforts, including discussions with leaders from Russia, Ukraine, and the US, played a pivotal role in achieving this feat, which no other world leader could accomplish.
He also highlighted PM Modi’s transformative leadership since assuming office in 2014, saying that India’s global stature has significantly improved under his leadership. He noted that India’s voice commands attention on the international stage, showcasing the nation’s rapid growth and newfound influence.
“India has become a powerful country. The world did not take India seriously… But our PM Modi has done a miracle. Today when India speaks on the international stage, the whole world listens carefully. This is India’s reputation which has grown rapidly,” Singh said.
Soeaking on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Singh underscored the anxiety of Indian parents with children studying in Ukraine and praised Modi’s decisive intervention. By engaging with key stakeholders, including Presidents Putin, Zelenskyy, and Biden, PM Modi orchestrated a temporary ceasefire, enabling the safe evacuation of Indian students.
“What no other prime minister in the world could do, our PM did that. He called up Russia’s President Putin and Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy. Not just that, he even spoke to President Biden of the US, which is considered the most powerful nation.” “Brothers and sisters, you should be proud that the war stopped for four-and-a-half hours and over 22,500 Indian children came back from Ukraine. This is India,” he said.
Singh reiterated PM Modi’s vision to elevate India’s economic status, aiming to transition the nation from poverty to prosperity by 2047. He emphasized the significant strides made in poverty alleviation, citing data from NITI Ayog and international financial institutions.
“You might have read in newspapers that there was a perception about India being a poor and weak nation. This was a worldwide perception. But the miracle that Modi has done in nine years, you would be proud that 25 crore have been lifted out of poverty,” he said.
Additionally, Singh also spoke about India’s global contributions, particularly in vaccine distribution during the Covid-19 pandemic. He emphasized the recognition of India’s pivotal role by world leaders, asserting that the 21st century belongs to India.
Singh was addressing a rally in support of the BJP’s Ghaziabad Lok Sabha candidate Atul Garg. Singh had won the Lok Sabha poll from this seat in 2009 but shifted to Lucknow in 2014.
Ghaziabad goes to polls on April 26 in the second phase of the elections and has over 29 lakh registered voters.
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