PM Modi invites G20 delegates to witness ‘festival of democracy’ during 2024 general election | India News

PANAJI: Asserting the ethos of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday invited G20 delegates to visit India during the 2024 general elections and witness the ‘festival of democracy‘.
A recorded message from PM Modi was played at the inaugural session of the G20 Tourism Ministerial Meeting in Goa on Wednesday. In his message, the Prime Minister underlined that tourism has the potential to create a harmonious society.
“It is said that terrorism divides, but tourism unites,” he said.
PM Modi said India’s next general elections will be held in 2024 and he invited G20 delegates to visit the country to witness the “festival of democracy” in the “mother of democracy”.
“With more than a million voting booths, there will be no shortage of places for you to witness this festival in all its diversity,” he said.
He extended a warm greeting to the ministers and other delegates from various G20 countries, and said, “I welcome you all to incredible India“.
Incredible India is also the tagline for a popular campaign run by the tourism ministry to promote tourism.
“Visiting India is not just about sightseeing, it’s an immersive experience,” PM Modi said in his video message for the G20 delegates noting that in India, guests are revered as gods — ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’.
In the last nine years, the central government has placed special emphasis on developing entire ecosystem of tourism in India, he said, adding, “We have kept tourism sector as focal point of our reforms”.
He urged the G20 ministers and other delegates to explore Goa, its natural beauty and festivals.

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