PM Modi targets Aiyar & Farooq, says his govt will make Pak wear bangles | India News

PATNA: Remarks by INDIA bloc functionaries that nuclear-capable Pakistan “ne choodiyan nahi pehni hai” reflect the “weak, timid and unstable” mindset perpetuated by Congress govts, PM Modi declared in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur on Monday before delivering his stinging riposte, “Arrey bhai, pehna denge.”
The PM said this election was about deciding the course of India’s future and choosing a strong leadership, unlike what the Congress-led opposition was capable of giving.
“In your area, would you like a wishy-washy police officer in charge of law and order? Would you rather have a schoolteacher who is in control or one who is not? So, why wouldn’t you want a strong PM? Can a weakling run the country as PM?” he asked the crowd.
Modi said Congress and its allies were so fearful that “even in their dreams, they see Pakistan’s nuclear bomb”.
Referring to the opposition’s “choodiyan” comment, he said, “We would make them (Pakistan) wear bangles if only they come here, but they don’t even have electricity, maybe not even bangles.”
The PM was alluding to National Conference‘s Farooq Abdullah and Congress’s Mani Shankar Aiyar highlighting Pakistan’s nuclear capability while responding to defence minister Rajnath Singh‘s recent statement that Pakistan-occupied Kashmir was a part of India.
Modi, who started the day by making rotis and serving people in the langar (Sikh community kitchen) at Takht Sri Harmandir Ji Patna Sahib Gurdwara, addressed rallies at Hajipur, Muzaffarpur and Chhapra.
At each venue, the focus seemed to be on feeling the public pulse as he sought the crowd’s response to his questions about whether the INDIA bloc could ever be the right fit for a country that required dynamism in decision-making and execution.
“Some of them gave a clean chit to Pakistan on the Mumbai attacks, and some questioned the surgical strikes. The Left wants to put a lid on Bharat’s atomic arsenal. Looks like INDIA bloc is out to do a hit job on the country,” he said.
Modi pointed out that ED seized Rs 35 lakh during Congress-RJD’s 10-year stint at the Centre while the same agency confiscated Rs 2,200 crore during his decade as PM.
“The looting of poor people’s money doesn’t allow me to sleep. That’s why they (opposition) abuse Modi. Janata budbak nahi hai. Yeh public hai, sab janti hai (the public isn’t naive, they know everything),” he said.
RJD chief Lalu Prasad had used the term “budbak” in his remarks on Modi’s Patna roadshow on Sunday.

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