PM Modi’s state visit to US wasn’t about China: Top White House official John Kirby | India News

WASHINGTON: The state visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the US was not about China but about sending a message to the Indian people and American people about the importance of a bilateral relationship between the two nations, White House National Security Council (NSC) Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby said on Friday.
Responding to media queries during a press briefing, Kirby said, “…This State visit (of PM Modi) wasn’t about China. India has challenges with China as well right on their doorstep.”
“Quiet frankly, India has challenges with China on their own and they address these challenges largely on their own,” Kirby said.
The top White House Official further added, “Clearly, the challenges presented by the PRC to both our nations were on the agenda yesterday. But this wasn’t about leveraging India to be some counter-weight.”
India is a sovereign, independent state, he said.
Speaking on the partnership between India and US, Kirby highlighted that over the course of this visit, US President Joe Biden and PM Modi reaffirmed that the partnership between the two nations is deeper and more expansive than its ever been.
He said, “And now, during this visit, President and PM Modi reaffirm that the partnership between India and the United States is deeper and more expansive than ever. And when we think about its future not only of the relationship but also of the critical and emerging technology countering climate change, global health, energy, security, and food security, there is just simply no partner that’s going to be more consequential to helping solve all those problems than India and that’s exactly what President Biden made clear during this visit.”
While giving a brief of the visit of PM Modi’s “successful” visit to the US, John Kirby also informed that President Biden and PM Modi had a meeting between senior officials and CEOs of American and Indian companies earlier today.
“Prime Minister Narendra Modi just concluded a very successful state visit to the White House today. PM Modi and President Biden had a meeting between senior officials and CEOs of American and Indian companies. PM Modi and President Biden reaffirmed that the relationship between India and the US is deeper and more expansive than ever,” Kirby underlined during the White House press briefing.
US President Joe Biden on Thursday said that India-US cooperation matters not just for the people of the two countries but the whole world as the partnership is about tackling climate change, preventing pandemics and giving citizens real opportunities.
Kirby stated that India’s role in solving these problems is consequential and President Biden made this clear during the visit.
Speaking at the ‘Hi-tech Handshake’ event with top CEOs of the US and India at the White House, Biden said technology cooperation will define the partnership.
“Our cooperation matters, not just for our own people but quite frankly to the whole world as our partnership is about more than the next breakthrough or the next deal as big as they may be. It is about tackling climate change, about exploring the universe, about lifting people out of poverty, preventing pandemics and giving our citizens real opportunity,” he said.
In his remarks, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the coming together of talent and technology guarantees a brighter future.

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