Pratibha Ranta reveals similarities between her roles in Laapataa Ladies, Heeramandi: ‘It was the same emotion’ | Bollywood

Actor Pratibha Ranta played two distinctly different roles in Kiran Rao’s movie Laapataa Ladies and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar. However, talking to Indian Express, she noticed a similarity between her characters, which she latched onto. (Also Read: Pratibha Ranta interview: It feels good when girls tell me they relate to my role in Laapataa Ladies)

Pratibha Ranta in stills of Laapataa Ladies and Heeramandi.
Pratibha Ranta in stills of Laapataa Ladies and Heeramandi.

‘I have to do what I have to do’

In Laapataa Ladies, Pratibha played Jaya – a young woman hailing from a conservative family who’s married off against her wishes. In Heeramandi, she played Shama, a beautiful young girl who’s the object of her mother, courtesan Waheeda’s (Sanjeeda Sheikh) envy.

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Pratibha called shooting for Heeramandi a ‘magical experience’ and said, “When I went to shoot for Heeramandi, I was able to experience a different world. There was a big set in Heeramandi, and the approach of both characters was so different for me. Jaya is a little reserved. She thinks a lot before taking action. But she is watching. She has four eyes because she is doing something like this. So all that I used to keep in mind when I was preparing for Jaya’s character.”

However, she noticed similarities between her roles, which lay in the need for freedom. She said, “But somewhere, in both, the bottom line, it was the same emotion to get that freedom that I have to do what I have to do.”

‘I could relate to my character’

Talking to Hindustan Times after the release of Laapataa Ladies, Pratibha noted that she could relate to her role despite being an urban girl. She said, “She stands up for herself when no one does and is steadfast in her conviction. What’s not to relate? I also found similarities between her story and my life. My family wanted me to pursue something else, but I knew I wanted to be an actor. I came from Shimla to Mumbai to follow my dreams. Much like her, I have always been adamant about being in charge of my own life. I knew in my gut that I could be her.”

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