Pregnant Taylor Swift fan went into labour during Eras Tour, dance through the pain: ‘I thought I’m not going anywhere…’

31-year-old Jenn Gutierrez displayed an extraordinary extent of determination while dancing through her labour pain during a February Taylor Swift concert. The Swiftie mum was 38 weeks pregnant when she flew from Canberra, Australia, to Melbourne. Traversing a distance of 412 miles, she joined an army of Swifties, alongside her husband, to see the ‘Gorgeous’ Grammy-winning artist in her element.

American singer and songwriter Taylor Swift performs on stage as part of her Eras Tour in Lisbon on May 24, 2024. (Photo by ANDRE DIAS NOBRE / AFP)(AFP)
American singer and songwriter Taylor Swift performs on stage as part of her Eras Tour in Lisbon on May 24, 2024. (Photo by ANDRE DIAS NOBRE / AFP)(AFP)

Her husband, Michael Sin, and twin sister, Dani, embarked on this adventure of a lifetime with her. Once they snagged the tickets to the Eras Tour concert in November 2023, Gutierrez swore to herself that she wouldn’t let her pregnancy stop her from seeing her favourite artist on stage despite her due date being just two weeks away.

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Pregnant Taylor Swift fan goes into labour during Eras Tour concert

Gutierrez successfully accomplished her wish. She was there, having the time of her life, grooving to Swift’s live music. An hour in, the pop diva belted out the tunes to the much-loved fan-favourite ‘Reputation,’ and her superfan’s contractions also kicked in, continuing for the rest of the show.

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However, nothing stood in Jenn’s way. She held her own and danced through it all. The New York Post reported her contractions ultimately called it a day when they returned to the hotel. Team Jenn flew back home the next morning.

Jump forward to a few days later, in February 2024, when Gutierrez’s family welcomed her daughter, now two months old.

Jenn, who’s reportedly an executive assistant, said that when the contractions started during the ‘Reputation’ set, she thought to herself, “ I’m not going anywhere. If this baby comes, she’s coming out now.”

Now a proud mum to a two-month-old daughter – a Swiftie from birth, Jenn confirmed her “contractions got progressively worse.” During the ‘Midnights’ set, she was hit with the realisation that she might have the baby right then and there.

Gutierrez and her husband, who’ve been longtime Swifties, secured $600 AUD VIP tickets on the third day of ticket sales in November 2023.

The couple was “adamant” about attending the show. “No way we were going to miss the show,” said Jenn.

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Throughout the ordeal, Jenn’s husband constantly kept an eye on her heart rate while her sister also continued monitoring her.

Spoken as a true fan, Jenn, however, seemed more worried about her Swiftie status. “I hope the girls behind me didn’t think I’m not a real Swiftie because I kept sitting down.” She described the entire experience as “euphoric.”

Towards the end of the show, Jenn struggled more than ever. “I felt the baby on its way out because she was so low. Imagine standing for three hours with a bowling ball between your legs.” She ultimately waddled out of the stadium. Later that night, she took an Uber to the hotel. Her contractions settled down once she relaxed with her “legs up on the bed.”

Even then, Jenn didn’t head out to the hospital. Her baby was destined to come into the world a few days later, and so she did, weighing 7lbs 7oz. The healthy newborn baby started her first chapter as an “embedded Swiftie” to the tune of Taylor Swift’s ‘Fearless.’

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