Pune rail division earns Rs 2.14 crore as fines from passengers travelling without tickets in March. | India News

PUNE: The Pune railway division has earned Rs. 2.14 crore from without-ticket passengers/ irregular travelling & unbooked luggage in March.
During the drive, 26,374 passengers were found travelling without tickets and a fine of Rs. 2.14 crore was recovered from them. Along with this 8,546 passengers were fined Rs. 51.67 Lakhs for travelling irregularly and without proper tickets.A fine of Rs 34,020 was collected from 233 passengers carrying un-booked luggage.
The above action is done under the guidance of Divisional Railway Manager Indu Dubey and in coordination with Senior Divisional Commercial Manager of Milind Hirve and in collaboration with ticket checking inspectors and Railway Protection Force.
Ticket checking is being conducted regularly by railway administration. Passengers are requested to travel only with proper tickets, otherwise they will have to pay fine under the Railway Act and in case of non-payment, they may face imprisonment, rail officials said.

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