Rahul Gandhi uses video of Dalit man’s thrashing in UP to target BJP | India News

NEW DELHI: Seizing upon a Dalit man being beaten up in Bareilly for not voting for BJP, Rahul Gandhi alleged that a BJP govt would destroy constitutional rights, amplifying the opposition’s claim that the saffron party wants to change the Constitution and end reservations.
Rahul shared the video of the man being beaten up and said, “We have all seen this video.We felt sad, pained and angry. What is being done with our countrymen?”
He then held up a copy of the Constitution and said it protected the marginalised. “BJP and RSS… Narendra Modi want to finish the Constitution. If it is removed, then what you saw in this video will happen every day with people from marginalised sections,” he said.
Rahul urged people to stand up and protect the Constitution and cautioned that if citizens did not come forward, “peoples’ rights will be snatched and self-respect will be trampled just as it happened in Bareilly”.
In another post, Rahul shared a “fake” video to claim his comments made in a rally in UP were being distorted and said BJP’s “factory of lies” was not going to make any difference. “I am saying it again, Narendra Modi will no longer be Prime Minister after June 4. A storm is blowing in every corner of the country in favour of INDIA,” he said.

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