Raveena says Rasha is ‘blessed with a talent that I never had’, shares video | Bollywood

Raveena Tandon is super proud of her daughter Rasha Thadani, who she says is the only one blessed with singing talent in the Tandon family. She shared a video of Rasha singing an English song at an outdoor party. It shows Rasha singing as her mom Raveena and aunt join her for the chorus. Also read: Raveena Tandon’s daughter Rasha distributes sweet packets with paparazzi after graduation. Watch

Rasha Tandon singing on stage at an event.
Rasha Tandon singing on stage at an event.

Raveena praises Rasha

Sharing the video on Instagram Reels, Raveena wrote, “On World Music Day I celebrate all those who are gifted with music and song! Our Nation has so much talent and we are blessed that we revel in our music, dance and Art and are free to live the musical life! Lucky are they… Ma Saraswatis blessings! I take so much pride in the fact that @rashathadani was blessed with a talent that I never had! You’ll agree with me if you watch till the end! One graceful singer in the family is enough! Rashas @nrhouseofdesign Maasi and me being the back up singers and indulgent audience.”

On the occasion of the World Music Day on Wednesday, a paparazzo account also shared a video of Rasha singing on stage at an event. Its not clear if the video is old or new.

Reacting to the video, a viewer wrote, “Wows am surprise, it’s really good voice yea.” A fan even called her “Rasha Gomez”. One more wrote, “She is so Smokey beautiful.”

Rasha’s command over music

Rasha has been studying music since she was six years old. She has learnt Indian Classical and Jazz and has done a course from the Shankar Mahadevan Academy. She recently graduated from school, pictures of which were shared on Instagram by Raveena.

Rasha’s note for Raveena

Rasha had also accompanied Raveena, husband Anil Thadani and brother Ranbir to the ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhawan where Raveena was honoured with the Padma Shri. She had penned a note for her mom after the event. Sharing a picture with her as she stood with the Padmi Shri in her hands, Rasha wrote, “The Padma Shree award, one of the most prestigious awards of the republic of India. What a year this has been for you. You keep saying it’s Nana’s doing, that he’s helping you achieve what you’re achieving, and I don’t doubt that, but it’s also all your hard work. You deserve all the success, love and respect you’re receiving. I couldn’t be a prouder daughter, watching you and your work getting honoured in front of the most respected people of our community. This is a victory for you mama. Your humility, grace and kindness inspires Ranbir and I to work harder and to be our best selves. The sky is your limit, can’t wait to see what you do next.”

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