Regional Aspirations: Art 370 not merely a legal issue; regional aspirations must be honoured: PDP | India News

JAMMU: Underscoring the populace’s readiness for a political struggle in case of an unfavorable outcome about the verdict of Supreme Court on Article 370 expected tomorrow, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) today asserted that the special constitutional position under challenge was not merely a legal issue for the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
“It’s time when Government of India must address the regional spirit ions of people from across the country.The incorporation of Article370 in Indian constitution was in furtherance of promises made with the people of Jammu and Kashmir and same must be honoured”, General Secretary of PDP Imtiaz Shan said.
Flanked by former legislator Firdous Tak, state secretary Showkat Daing and other senior party leaders, Shan reiterated PDP’s commitment to justice and equality.
He praised party President Ms Mehbooba Mufti for unwaveringly championing core issues and pledged to safeguard the people’s voice from government suppression.
Detailing the party’s vision, Shan emphasized PDP’s unwavering dedication to resolving the Jammu and Kashmir issue through dialogue and reconciliation.
He articulated the need for nuanced approaches and committed the party to constructive conversations and bridge-building for lasting peace.
Expressing apprehension, Shan voiced concerns over the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) policies, characterizing them as anti-Jammu and Kashmir.
He highlighted the tangible impact on the people of Jammu and Kashmir, advocating for a more inclusive and region-sensitive approach.
Former legislator Firdous Tak, acknowledging challenges due to PDP’s consistent approach, stressed the party’s belief in a political resolution through dialogue and reconciliation.
Under strong leadership, he said, the party remains resolute in its fight for a comprehensive resolution to the intricate issues of Jammu and Kashmir, advocating dialogue and reconciliation as a stark contrast to what it perceives as divisive policies from the BJP government.

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