Sandalwood Box With ‘Das Danam’, Lab-grown 7.5-carat Green Diamond | PM Modi’s Gifts to Biden, US First Lady

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his state visit to the US gifted some meticulously picked rare items for the US President and his wife. President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, too,  gave some unique gifts to PM Narendra Modi.

US President’s Gifts To PM Modi

As an official gesture, they offered him a meticulously crafted, antique American book galley dating back to the early 20th Century. Additionally, President Biden personally presented PM Modi with a vintage American camera, accompanied by a precious archival facsimile print of George Eastman’s Patent for the first Kodak camera. To further commemorate the occasion, a captivating hardcover book showcasing captivating American wildlife photography will also be included.

Not to be outdone in thoughtfulness, First Lady Jill Biden presented PM Modi with a cherished, autographed first edition of ‘Collected Poems of Robert Frost.’

What PM Modi Gifted 

Lab Grown 7.5 carat Green Diamond – The Diamond reflects earth-mined diamonds’ chemical and optical properties. It is also eco-friendly, as eco-diversified resources like Solar and wind power were used in its making.

The Green Diamond is sculpted with precision and care using cutting edge technology. It emits only 0.028 grams of Carbon per carat and is certified by the Gemological lab, IGI. It bears

PM Narendra Modi gifted a lab-grown 7.5-carat green diamond to US First Lady Dr Jill Biden.

the hallmarks of excellence through the 4C’s: Cut, Colour, Carat and Clarity.

It is a beacon of responsible luxury that symbolises India’s 75 years of freedom and sustainable International relations.

Papier mâché – It is the box in which the Green Diamond is placed.

Known as kar-e-kalamdani, Kashmir’s exquisite Papier mâché involves sakthsazi or meticulous preparation of paper pulp and naqqashi, where skilled artisans paint elaborate designs.

A confluence of timeless tradition and craftsmanship, it excludes opulence and intricate motifs and graceful simplicity, which makes every piece of this timeless craft, a masterpiece.

Speacial Sandalwood Box — A special sandalwood box has been handcrafted by a master craftsman from Jaipur, Rajasthan. The sandalwood sourced from Mysore, Karnataka has intricately carved flora and fauna patterns. Sandalwood carving in Rajasthan is an ancient art that has been handed down from generation to generation. The artisan has skillfully embedded a piece of his story and a touch of passion into this work to produce a piece of finest craftsmanship.

For PM Modi’s gift to US President Joe Biden, a special sandalwood box with ‘Das Danam’ has been handcrafted by a master craftsman from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The box contains the idol of Ganesha, Hindu deity considered as the destroyer of obstacles and the one who is worshipped first among all gods. Every auspicious occasion begins with prayers to Lord Ganesha. This silver idol of Ganesha has been handcrafted by a family of fifth generation silversmiths of Kolkata.

Apart from a Ganesha idol, a diya and a copper plate, the sandalwood box includes handcrafted delicate silver boxes that contain symbolic – ‘Das Danam’ or the ten donations, which signifies the donations made on this occasion.

What Are the Symbolic Ten Donations in the Box

-A delicately handcrafted silver coconut by the skilled artisans of West Bengal is offered in place of a Cow for Gaudaan (donation of cow)

-A fragrant piece of sandalwood sourced from Mysore, Karnataka is offered in place of land for Bhudaan (donation of land)

-Til or white sesame seeds sourced from Tamil Nadu, offered for Tildaan (donation of sesame seeds).

-A 24K pure and hallmarked gold coin Handcrafted in Rajasthan(donation of gold.

-Ghee or clarified butter sourced from Punjab is offered for Ajyadaan (donation of clarified butter)

-A handwoven textured tussar silk cloth sourced from Jharkhand is offered for Vastradaan (donation of cloth).

-Long grained rice sourced from Uttarakhand are offered for Dhaanyadaan (donation of food grains).

-Gud or Jaggery sourced from Maharashtra is offered for Guddaan (donation of jaggery).

-A 99.5 per cent pure and hallmarked silver coin has been aesthetically crafted by Rajasthan artisans and is offered as Raupyadaan (donation of silver).

-Lavan or salt from Gujarat is offered for Lavandaan (donation of salt).

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