Sanjeeda Shaikh recalls the moment she was groped by a woman: I was taken aback | Bollywood

Being an actor is not always rosy and actor Sanjeeda Shaikh recently revealed the dark side of side of showbiz. She recalled an incident when she was groped by a woman at a nightclub, which left her deeply shocked. (Also read: Harshvardhan Rane dating Sanjeeda Shaikh? He says rumours don’t bother him)

Sanjeeda Shaikh was last seen in web series, Heeramandi.
Sanjeeda Shaikh was last seen in web series, Heeramandi.

In an interview with Hauterfly, Sanjeeda opened up about the incident, confessing that the bad incident left her wondering about a lot of things.

What did she say?

”I remember one incident very vaguely but it was by a girl. I was in a nightclub. One girl was passing by and she just touched my breast and she left. I was kind of taken aback, like what just happened. We hear men smack you on the back and they misbehave, ladkiyaan koi kum nahi hai (but women are also the same),” she said.

The actor continued, “If you are headed on the wrong path, you are going on it regardless. It has nothing to do with men or women; whatever is wrong is wrong. If a woman has wronged you, tell her. Because I think playing the victimhood card is very unattractive.”

About coping up from her divorce

Sanjeeda, who is basking in the success of her web series Heermandi, also opened up about divorce from actor Aamir Ali in 2020. She said that at that time, she thought of herself as the most depressed person, and unfortunate. It was after sometime that she loving herself, and now she has overcome and is “happy with this version of myself”.

Last year, there were reports that she is dating actor Harshvardhan Rane. The rumours started after both the actors’ social media posts suggested they were holidaying in the Gir forests around the same time.

Harshvardhan reacted on the buzz in an interview to News18. He said, “It does not bother me because it is the job of journalists to write and they also have a weekly deadline and daily quota or target of stories to submit. I see them as humans who are trying to do a job, just like my job is to be in films. I respect my journey and effort too much and hence, I respect their process too. They can write anything about me. I would still hug them when I see them.”

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