Seventeen’s TH8 falls prey to privacy invasion and defamation at airport: Watch

Popular K-pop group Seventeen’s member TH8 was spotted in and out of airports as the member was busy following various schedules. A lot of these visits were scheduled in China with fans lined up to capture a glance of the K-pop idol. The idol’s privacy was breached during one of these visits to the airport as anti-fans tried to expose his personal information to the general public.

SEVENTEEN member The8 faced privacy invasion at airports. Watch video.
SEVENTEEN member The8 faced privacy invasion at airports. Watch video.

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Th8’s privacy was breached and faced defamation online

During fan interactions at airports, a video of TH8 surfaced online, where fans moved in on the idol’s personal space and tried to record his personal information from his passport and joked about exposing it to the public. To this, TH8 reacted and pointed a finger towards the fans which garnered negative remarks from netizens. Carats quickly came to the idol’s defence proving that the video abruptly stops as he points the finger.

As if the privacy invasion of the singer was not enough, a popular X account accused TH8 of being the one who urinated on a shrine in Japan, as reported by Koreaboo. The idol’s fans did not let the accusations slide as they defended him on social media platforms.

Th8’s agency responded to netizens’ concerns

Seventeen’s fans expressed their anger on social media platforms as the misleading videos of both incidents surfaced online. Th8’s agency, Xing Can Sheng Shi Entertainment (China) responded to the concerns of the netizens in regards to the idol. According to Pinkvilla, the Chinese agency condemned the leak of these videos and reassured the fans that strict actions would be taken against the leak of malicious misinterpreted videos. The agency emphasied in an official statement the legality of protecting the idol’s personal information and asked for the removal of false content from social media accounts.

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