Shrawasti Lok Sabha election 2024: Date of voting, result, candidates, main parties, schedule | India News

NEW DELHI: Lok Sabha elections in the Shrawasti constituency will be held this year. The dates for the voting and results of the Shrawasti Lok Sabha election has been announced by the Election Commission of India on 16th March.
Shrawasti Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Election 2024 voting date
Elections for the Shrawasti Lok Sabha/Parliamentary Constituency in Uttar Pradesh will be conducted in May this year.The date of voting is 25 May ( Phase 6 ).
Shrawasti Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Election 2024 result date
The results date for the Lok Sabha elections 2024 in the Shrawasti constituency is 4th June.
Shrawasti Lok Sabha Constituency Election 2024 candidates list
As for the 2024 candidates list in Shrawasti Lok Sabha Constituency, Muinuddin Ahamad Khan Urf Hazi Daddan Khan from Bahujan Samaj Party , Saket Mishra from Bharatiya Janata Party and Ram Shiromani Verma from Samajwadi Party are the prominent candidates.
In the 2019 General Assembly Elections, Shrawasti witnessed a fiercely contested battle. This constituency witnessed a 52.06% voter turnout in the year 2019. BSP candidate Ram Shiromani won the 2019 General Election with a victory margin of 5,320 votes, securing 4,41,771 votes. Ram Shiromani defeated Daddan Mishra of the BJP, who got 4,36,451 votes

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