‘Sleeping after taking opium?’: Kharge’s jibe at PM Modi on India-China standoff | India News

NEW DELHI: Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Thursday took a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the India-China standoff and questioned whether the PM has been “sleeping after consuming opium” while China “entered” Indian territory. He also labeled PM Modi the “sardar of liars“.
Addressing an election rally in Rajasthan’s Chittorgarh, Kharge said that PM Modi is indifferent to the nation’s welfare and is solely preoccupied with denigrating the Gandhi family, whose members have sacrificed their lives for the nation.
Kharge said the prime minister boasts that he has a “56-inch chest” and is not scared. “If you are not afraid then why have you left a large part of our land for China?” he asked.
“They are coming inside and you are sleeping. Have you taken sleeping pills? Have they taken opium from the fields of Rajasthan… and fed you?” he said in Hindi. (“Wo andar ghus kar aa rahe, aap kya neend kar rahe ho? Kya neend ki goli khaaye ho? Kya Rajasthan ke kheton me se afeem le jaake… ya wo khilaye hein kya?”)
Responding to PM Modi’s criticism of dynastic politics in the Congress, Kharge said that nobody from the Gandhi family has served as PM or minister since 1989, yet Modi discusses dynastic politics.
Sonia Gandhi lost her husband. When the party obtained a majority, people urged her to assume the role of Prime Minister, but she appointed an economist as the country’s Prime Minister,” he said.
Kharge also said that the PM has toured foreign nations and traversed the country during the Lok Sabha polls but has neglected to visit Manipur, which witnessed ethnic clashes followed by deadly riots.
Besides, the Congress president mocked PM Modi’s “guarantee” election promise, dismissing it as a “charade.” He asserted that the BJP’s previous promises remain unfulfilled.
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