Sona Mohapatra hopes government forms a more vibrant culture ministry: We underestimate the soft power of art, music…

Singer Sona Mohapatra is hopeful that the government, especially after the Lok Sabha 2024 elections, focuses more on the making art and cultural changes in the industry, by bringing a more effective cultural ministry in place.

Sona Mohapatra shares her expectations from the new government.
Sona Mohapatra shares her expectations from the new government.

On June 4, Bhartiya Janta Party won 240 seats out of 542 seats. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is said to form a government for the third time with BJP led National Democratic Alliance getting majority in the Lok Sabha elections.

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While anticipating the final results, Sona said, “There is a lot of good work that is already happening on the infrastructure front and hope that it continues its natural progression and completion for the greater good but I also do hope to see a concerted effort towards building live venues for culture and the performing arts across the country. Not just highways , schools and toilets.”

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She adds, “Celebrating digital desi social media influencers who help celebrate our Indic identity is one thing but I’d love to see a more vibrant culture ministry with a genuine budget allocation and not one clubbed with the tourism ministry. We underestimate the soft power of art, music, beauty in our lives and I believe having a performing arts and cultural centre akin to the NMACC and even open concert venues in all smart cities and one that hosts Indian artists from all genres of music.”

The singer, who recently released her new song Barsai Badaria, also shifted her focus on entertainment tax and education system.

“The entertainment taxes are so high that it’s close to impossible for individuals to become concert promoters in India to start with , this has to change. My second wish would be to see a re-haul of the education system; help set up more institutions that help create skilled professionals like AC and Fridge repairmen amongst other practical skills , who will find employment and better prospects over the colonial handover of a largely useless system of college graduates in BA, BSC , BCom or even engineering institutes that largely churn out professionals who leave the country,” she said.

The third and final wish for the singer from the government in power was, “to intervene in the large cities like Mumbai to ensure that life is fairer for all”. She also emphasised on the need to have more parks and larger spaces.

The film industry has anew representation in Lok Sabha this year. While actor Kangana Ranaut won from Mandi with 52.9 percent, actor-politician Arun Govil won from Meerut with 46.2 percent votes.

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