Stalker barges into Karnataka girl’s home, stabs her several times | India News

HUBALLI: In a tragic re-run of MCA student Neha Hiremath’s chilling murder in a college less than a month ago, a 21-year-old autorickshaw driver stabbed a woman to death after she repeatedly ignored his overtures here early Wednesday.
Girish Savant, alias Vishwa (21) is evading arrest. He and the deceased young woman (21) were classmates in high school.
Sources said Girish came to the woman’s house in Veerapur Oni here early morning, and knocked on the door.When the family didn’t respond, his knocks grew frequent and stronger. The woman’s younger sister opened the door a crack.
Girish rushed in, told the sister and grandmother that he wanted to talk to the woman in private, pulled her aside and stabbed her multiple times in the neck and stomach. She bled to death on the spot. Her sister and grandmother made attempts to prevent the attack, but he pushed them aside, police said. Grandmother Gangamma said she and Girish’s mother worked as maids in different houses and the families knew each other well.
A police officer said cracks reportedly appeared in the duo’s year-old friendship recently, and she turned down Girish’s plan of holidaying in Mysuru. Sources said the man was already facing house theft charges.
Neighbours said the murdered woman had been working with a catering firm and had been away from home for three months.
Dharwad SP Gopal Byakod said they have formed teams to investigate the case and apprehend the accused. The reason behind the attack will soon be ascertained, he added. Police commissioner Renuka Sukumar said Gangamma had approached the Bendigeri police station a week ago. “We’ve asked the DCP to conduct an inquiry into why her complaint was not registered,” she stated.
MLA Mahesh Tenginkai said the murdered woman’s grandmother had informed police a week ago about threats issued by the man.

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