Statue of Liberty now in Punjab, NRI installed replica atop newly constructed home | India News

BATHINDA: An NRI, Gurmeet Singh Brar, 46, from Langiana Nawan village in Moga district, better known as Babbu, settled in the state of Indiana, USA, has erected a replica of the Statue of Liberty atop his newly constructed home in his native Punjab.
The 18-foot-tall replica of the Statue of Liberty has been placed on the roof of his home. It was crafted using fiberglass and took two months to prepare.Renowned sculptor Manjit Singh Gill from Ghall Kalan village sculpted it in his own village and installed it at the NRI’s home.
The towering 305-foot-high Statue of Liberty is synonymous with the identity of the United States.
Gurmeet Singh Brar’s family is affluent, involved in the transport business in both the USA and India. He migrated to the USA in 2006 and has since gained recognition and success through his business ventures.
He said, “The Statue of Liberty is our family’s tribute to America, which has given us so much since we migrated there. When we were constructing our home in our village in Moga district, we thought of installing a statue, and the Statue of Liberty immediately came to mind. It will maintain our connection with the US even when we are in Punjab.”
Manjit Singh Gill mentioned that crafting a replica of the Statue of Liberty was a daunting task, as he wanted to ensure an accurate resemblance and had to do extensive research for it.

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