Sting of people voting for Congress this time, will be felt by BJP: Bhupinder Hooda | India News

AMBALA: Former Haryana chief minister (CM) and leader of opposition Bhupinder Singh Hooda on Wednesday said that the sting of people voting for Congress this time, will be felt by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
Hooda reached Ambala Cantonment to campaign for Congress Ambala Lok Sabha candidate Varun Chaudhary. During his visit, he addressed several events when he appealed to the public to vote for Congress.
Haryana Congress chief Udai Bhan and former minister Nirmal Singh were also present with Hooda.
In his address, Hooda said, “People of Haryana will vote for MSP guarantee, not for lathi and bullets to farmers, for 32 lakh government jobs, not for record breaking unemployment, for annual apprenticeship guarantee of Rs 1 lakh and not for sending youth to work as labourers in war zone Israel. People will vote for guarantee of vote and not for fear and crime.”
“Congress is asking for votes in the name of development and welfare schemes, while BJP is asking for votes without showing any work or future plan. It is obvious that public votes will go to Congress and the sting of these votes will be felt by BJP,” said Hooda.
Speaking about unemployment, Hooda said, “There is anger in the entire state including Northern Haryana that the BJP government forced our youth to leave the country by spreading massive unemployment. The youth are convinced that they have no future in the country under BJP rule. It is the reason why every second youth wants to go abroad through dunkie (illegal) routes or any other means. BJP policies have separated young children from their old parents. Congress wants to make Haryana a state from where no youth is forced to migrate from the country.”
In his address, Chaudhary Udaibhan claimed that BJP wants to make India an undemocratic country like China and Russia by “strangulating the Constitution”. “Now BJP does not care at all about bringing back black money, bullet train, smart city, rising prices of diesel-petrol, gas cylinder rates and double income of farmers, nor does BJP want any party to talk about the grassroots issues of the people. That is why those in power spread lies about the 5 justices and 25 guarantees of the Congress, but now the manifesto of Congress has reached the hands and hearts of the people,” he said.
In his address, Congress Ambala candidate Varun Chaudhary said, “Lakhs of martyrs have sacrificed their lives to bring democracy in India. There can be no place for dictatorship in this country. Today every person is feeling pressure. The time has come to teach BJP a lesson, which crushed the voices of every section of the society including farmers, labourers, employees, panches-sarpanches, traders and businessmen either by lathis or bullets.”
Varun promised that he will raise the voice of Ambala in Lok Sabha after being elected as MP, similar to the way he raised the voice for Mullana assembly constituency.

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