‘Stop-Clock’: New rule for T20 World Cup 2024; check how things change for cricket captains

After the ICC Men’s World Cup 2023, the ICC announced the introduction of the stop clock rule in December, stating that it came into effect on 13 December between the first T20I between West Indies and England.

The ICC’s aim in introducing the stop clock rule was to ensure the match was completed within the time limit and reduce the room for time wastage.

But on 15 March, ICC mandated the use of stop clocks in limited-overs international matches. It also clarified that the new stop clock rule will become permanent in all ODIs and T20Is from June 2024.

“Results presented to the Chief Executives’ Committee (CEC) demonstrated that approximately 20 minutes had been saved per ODI match. The feature has now been added as a mandatory playing condition in all Full Member ODI and T20I matches from 1 June 2024,” the ICC said in a statement.

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Now with the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 in the West Indies and USA underway, the stop clock rule is in effect and things will change for captains of each teams.

Here’s what it says:

1) It mandates the fielding side must start an over within 60 seconds of the completion of the previous over.

2) The counting of the 60 seconds will start displaying on an electronic clock on the ground and the third umpire will decide the starting time of the clock.

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3. If the fielding team misses out on the 60-second deadline, two warnings will be issued, and following this five-run penalty will be imposed per incident.

4) Exceptions include when a new batter comes to the wicket.

5) Also, exceptions will be applied when there is an official drinks interval been called.

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6) In case of a batter or fielder in injured, and the umpires have approved the on-field treatment of an injury, the stop clock rule, won’t apply.

7) Last, the stop clock rule won’t apply in case of any circumstances beyond the control of the fielding side.

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Published: 03 Jun 2024, 05:28 PM IST

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