Summit for New Global Financial Pact with India as co host: Activists decide actions | India News

BATHINDA: The climate activists from across the world including India have decided to raise voice for equitable finance at the Paris Summit for a New Global Financial Pact, to be held on June 22-23. Many states and international organizations are expected to attend the summit specifically convened by French President Emmanuel Macron and co-hosted with India, this year’s G20 host, with stated aim to examine the failures and challenges of the current global financial system.
The organisations into activism including have decided a series of actions around the event highlighting the responsibility of Global North governments to pay their fair share for a just energy transition.
On June 21, the eve of the summit the global activists will welcome world leaders with a floating invisible banner that will appear to transform the Eiffel Tower into a massive wind turbine, alongside the words ‘End Fossil Finance’ and ‘Make Polluters Pay’. This will be a powerful message for leaders attending the finance summit, hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron and Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley, during which nations are expected to deliberate a worldwide financial deal between the Global North and Global South to help vulnerable countries address climate change, stated the
Activists with Glasgow Actions Team and have decided to transform Eiffel Tower into a massive wind turbine to symbolize the Paris climate goals nations must achieve to avert climate catastrophe. A breath taking invisible banner will transform the Eiffel Tower into a wind turbine. Members of the public will adorn the square with 102 decorative windmills, one for each month since the Paris Climate Accords were signed and the world has waited for a real plan to keep warming below 1.5C of warming, the stated.
The young climate activists will hold roundtable ‘The future we want’ on climate and economic justice with the goal to present vision of a future free of the fossil fuel industry and neoliberalism’s hegemony. Known activists Greta Thunberg, Sophie Binet, Diana Nabiruma, Clémence Dubois, Vanessa Nakate, Benoit Teste, Youlie Yamamoto, Simon Duteil, Disha Ravi from India, Luisa Neubauer from Germany will participate.

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