Sushant Divgikr on fire tragedy at their house: All my awards and important documents are gone, it’s so traumatic

Actor-singer Sushant Divgikr went through a horrific incident when their house in Mumbai caught fire last week, and they are still reeling from the shock. “The air conditioner in living room burst, and there was instant fire coming out of it. We tried to put it out, but the fire just kept spreading, and caught on to the curtains and furniture. It spread till the kitchen and my office room but thankfully it didn’t reach the cylinder,” they recall, adding, “If it would have reached my gas line, the whole building would have gone. We were sitting right there, AC blasted in front of us, it was scary.”

Sushant Divgikr on the fire tragedy in their house
Sushant Divgikr on the fire tragedy in their house

The LGBTQIA+ activist further reveals that there were even elderly and children in the house at the time of fire and calls it “miraculous” that everyone is unharmed.

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“My mother, sister-in-law, niece, manager, and house help were in the house at that time. I was the most scared about my mother because she had a ligament tear, it was difficult to get her down,” the 33-year-old continues, “We just escaped and called the fire brigade. They came as soon as they could, with elections on the head and so many road blocks. I am so thankful to them. It could have been much worse and we could have died. The entire building was immediately evacuated, and we were already downstairs when the fire brigade came.”

While the actor, who made their debut with Thank You For Coming (2023), is relieved that everything came under control in time, they are heartbroken and shattered that the fire cost them some loss of precious memories.. “Eighty five percent of whatever I had put up in that house is not there now. My national and International awards, important documents, my memories, newspaper articles, my jewellery and makeup, all are gone. Chatt hi gir gayi! It’s so traumatic, but materialistic things can be built again. Jaan hai toh jaahan hai,” says Divgikr, as his voice trembles recalling about the incident.

Here is the picture of the house:

Sushant Divgikr's house caught fire
Sushant Divgikr’s house caught fire

As the actor and his family is coping up with the aftermath of the tragedy, they admit that it will take some time to overcome the trauma. “I think I would need some therapy to completely come out of this trauma. I would now have a phobia of closed spaces, and wold fear switching on the AC. I am living in a hotel currently. I am trying to find a house on rent currently to temporarily live there,” they conclude.

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