Tackling of cyclone great example of teamwork, says Amit Shah in Gujarat | India News

GANDHINAGAR: Union home minister Amit Shah, who visited cycloneravaged areas in Kutch on Saturday, asserted that tackling Cyclone Biparjoy and zero casualties was a classic example of effective teamwork between state and central agencies.
Stating that National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) guidelines regarding cyclone preparedness were followed completely, Shah applauded the state government, saying that not a single human death was a major achievement.
“Tackling of the cyclone is a classic example of teamwork of the Union government, state government, NGOs, political parties and others who have worked in coordination,” the Union minister said at a media briefing in Bhuj, adding, “It is very satisfying to see that on the third day of the cyclone, which lashed (Gujarat) at 140 kmph, there is no life lost. The state government, all agencies, and people overseeing the work deserve accolades for emerging from this natural calamity with minimum damage.”
Shah said that according to NDMA protocol, electricity was shut off in several villages as wind speed was in excess of 100 kmph.
“Electricity was shut down in 3,400 villages; it has been restored in 1,600 villages. Power will be restored in all villages by June 20,” he said, adding that 1,133 teams have been working round the clock.
“The governments worked together successfully to face the cyclone. Not only were human deaths avoided but the number of injured was just 47 and those injuries are not fatal. Also, only 234 cattle died,” the home minister added.

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