Taj Mahal alone is not Bharat…’: PM Modi encourages tourists to explore India’s diversity | India News

NEW DELHI: The Taj Mahal is not the only tourist destination in the country. India boasts numerous other picturesque locales, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in an interview with IANS on Monday.
PM Modi encouraged tourists to venture beyond the iconic Taj Mahal to discover the diverse and scenic locales scattered across the country, offering a holistic experience and a comprehensive view of India.
“Just by visiting the Taj Mahal, you can’t think you have seen the whole of Bharat. There is huge potential in the country and there are multiple destinations to explore,” he said.
The Prime Minister underscored his government’s success in reshaping India’s image on the global stage, drawing attention to the nation’s rich diversity through a series of G-20 Summits held across different regions of the country.
“We organised G-20 Summits across the length and breadth of the country and not just restricted it to Delhi alone. The purpose and thinking behind this was to make the world aware that Delhi alone doesn’t represent the country, the diversity of the country can be best explored by visiting all those diverse locations,” PM Modi elaborated.
PM Modi asserted that hosting the G20 Summit has significantly boosted tourist footfalls in India, elucidating how the influx of over 1 lakh policymakers from around the world, participating in more than 200 summits across the country, has not only exposed them to India’s beauty but also prompted them to share their experiences with their families and associates worldwide.
During the interview, PM Modi criticised hose opposing the crackdown on major corruption networks, singling out the ‘Khan Market gang’ for orchestrating a false narrative to shield them from legal repercussions.
“The same people who earlier cried foul over no action on big players have started crying hoarse about it,” he remarked.
PM Modi expressed concern over the recent trend of glorifying corrupt individuals, contrasting it with the past when people distanced themselves from those tainted by corruption allegations.
The Prime Minister also explained that the action against the corrupt and the dishonest was based on facts and evidence, and not on perception.
“Before the 2019 elections, we were questioned over our stand and action on graft and why the government was not quick on punishing the perpetrators. Our outright response was that Independent agencies will act against them and it will be done based on facts. Officials worked hard to gather the facts and today, big players are being caught and brought to justice,” PM Modi pointed out.
“It is the Independent investigative agency which apprehends the accused, and it is the judiciary which decides on his conviction or trial. The Prime Minister has no role in this,” PM Modi said in a stern response to the fake narrative by the ‘Khan Market gang’.
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