Taylor Swift might revisit her acting career with Marvel project; Swifties divided about it | Hollywood

The buzz around pop icon Taylor Swift joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe is gathering steam with reports stating she met Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige to discuss the role of a superhero character of Blonde Phantom. Her first step towards rekindling her acting career has left her fans divided, with some Swifties wondering if that means she will focus less on music. (Also read: When Taylor Swift said AR Rahman is a fantastic musician: ‘His music touches the soul’)

Singer Taylor Swift is reportedly being considered for the role of a superhero character of Blonde Phantom.
Singer Taylor Swift is reportedly being considered for the role of a superhero character of Blonde Phantom.

Speculations are rife that Marvel Studios is all set to introduce one more comic superhero in the superhero world through a Disney+ series.

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The buzz

The reports state that they are working on developing a series based on the character of the Blonde Phantom, the masked crime fighter from Marvel Comics. And Taylor, a multiple Grammy award-winning singer, is in talks for the role.

If they seal the deal, it would mark another acting job for Taylor, who is currently busy with her European leg of the Eras Tour. She has previously acted in Valentine’s Day and Cats.

According to a ScreenTime report, makers are developing the Blonde Phantom series, with Taylor being considered to play the lead role. The Love Story hitmaker reportedly also met Kevin to discuss the role of a crime fighter and detective.

Fans react

While the news is yet to be confirmed, this development has got mixed reaction from her fans. Some are excited about her next venture, while some are questioning her acting chops.

“Can they not please. PLEASE IM BEGGING THIS TO NOT BE A THING,” wrote one user, with another user saying, “Sydney Sweeney would’ve been a much better actress for this role”.

One user expressed, “Literally not 1 person cares about this character”, while another social media user commented, “I don’t see it working”.

There was one user who stated, “1) kevin feige’s actual downfall begins here 2) #taylorswift cant act, 3) blonde phantom itself is not a big and popular name compared to other characters so a direct series wont help without cameo in movies first, 4) #taylorswift cant act”.

There were few who came forward to support Taylor. “Goddammit, the rumor is she’d be Blonde Phantom on Disney+. While I’m sure she could kill it, that it’s such an obscure character on stream shifts my needle. Being here, while as a Swiftie I’ll wait & see, as MCU fan I can sympathize a little more with your position,” wrote one.

Another wrote, “To me, @taylorswift13 has always been the real life barbie – but I’d love to see her as the blonde phantom. Taylor can make any blonde girl role iconic – even more iconic than what it was”.

About Blonde Phantom

Created by Stan Lee and Syd Shores, Blonde Phantom made her debut in All Select Comics #11 in 1946. It revolves around Louise Grant, who works as a secretary to a detective in the daytime and as a crime-fighting superhero in the night. She transforms into the Blonde Phantom to help her boss solve cases and save him.

The character was also featured in her own solo series. After her husband’s death, she joins Blake Tower and Jennifer Walker aka She-Hulk. There are rumours that actor Scarlett Johansson is also involved in the project, but in a a behind-the-scenes capacity.

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