The Archies actor Mihir Ahuja: I don’t mind doing another project with Bollywood star kids

Actor Mihir Ahuja, who was last seen in Zoya Akhtar’s The Archies as Jughead Jones, feels that the best part of being an actor is learning new things. “My character played drums in the film, I did some drumming workshops, so now I am a professional drummer. That’s what I like about acting, you get to play different characters and learn new skills on every set.” he shares.

Mihir Ahuja was last seen in The Archies
Mihir Ahuja was last seen in The Archies

The interest in music for the actor was since childhood. “I have always had a knack for music since I was a kid. I am a beat boxer and it was slightly easier for me to get the rhythm of drumming and understand it. Beat boxing is kind of very similar to drumming in terms of pace. I enjoyed it and now whenever I am free and not shooting, I go to a studio nearby and play drums. I might post those videos soon on my social media. Moreover, I have just started learning to play the guitar because the next project that I’m doing, I am playing the lead vocalist and guitarist in it,” Ahuja adds.

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The actor, who has done projects like Made In Heaven (2019), Super 30 (2019), and Taj Mahal 1989 (2020), came into limelight much later with The Archies. “I have done projects before but it wasn’t as in the limelight as this one. It also has a lot to do with the platform, the creator, the writer and many other factors. Who wouldn’t watch a Zoya Akhtar film? Moreover, I think even the topic was something very interesting and different, targeting a huge range of audience which helped in gaining the hype that it did. And as far as my popularity goes, I think that also at the end was because of how hyped the show was,” explains the 25-year-old.

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“I personally don’t think anyone was out of focus and Zoya also made sure of that from the very beginning. It’s an ensemble cast and it’s not focused on any one character story. And, it showed in the film as everyone had their own arc in the story. I never saw any discrimination there,” Ahuja, who co-starred with Suhana Khan, Agastya Nanda, and Khushi Kapoor in the film, further adds, clarifying that the star kids weren’t the centre of attraction.

He also shares that he is comfortable in doing more projects with star kids and doesn’t cloud his judgement of attention and screen time on thaqt basis. “I won’t mind doing another one, why would I? I would love to, be it a star kid or anyone. If someone is talented and a good actor, they deserve a chance. I’ve been lucky that after Archies, the character really worked for me and people related with it,” says Ahuja.

The actor shares that he is getting calls for good projects after Archies, and not just from Bollywood. “I even aim to work Internationally, language or accent shouldn’t be a barrier in my career. I just shot for an Australian film with a crew there, Hindi Vindi and it’s releasing all over Australia in August this year. It’s about language barriers between a grand mom and a grandson and music becomes a mode of communication between them. It’s about an Indian kid born in Australia. The director also flew down to India recently and we discussed about releasing it in India. We don’t know if it will be theatres or OTT, let’s see,” he concludes.

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