There is no ‘lehar’ but only ‘zehar in PM Modi’s language: Jairam Ramesh | India News

NEW DELHI: Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh on Tuesday slammed Narendra Modi and accused him of using divisive language on ‘Hindu-Muslim and mangalsutra‘ and said that there is no ‘lehar’ (wave) but only ‘zehar’ (poison) in the Prime Minister’s language.
“It is clear from PM Modi‘s language that he is confused…Sometimes he talks about Hindu-Muslim, Muslim League, and Mangalsutra,” said the Congress leader.
“There is no ‘lehar’ only ‘zehar’ in the PM’s language,” he added.
Ramesh said that the grand old party is fighting this election to ‘save the Constituion’.
Ramesh also said that there was widespread discontent among farmers, youth, laborers, women, and backward classes with the current BJP government.
“He has realised that the farmers, youth, labourers, women and backward classes are upset with him,” he said.
Earlier on Tuesday, Ramesh also took to X (formerly Twitter) to ask PM Modi some questions before the PM filed his nomination in Varanasi.
“1. After spending Rs 20,000 crore, why has the Ganga gotten dirtier? 2. Why has the PM abandoned the Varanasi villages he had ‘adopted’? 3. Why is the PM determined to destroy Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy in Varanasi?” Ramesh said in a post.
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