‘This is time for struggle,’: AAP leader Sanjay Singh walks out of Tihar jail | India News

NEW DELHI: Sanjay Singh Aam Aadmi party leader and Rajya Sabha MP, has been released from Tihar jail after enduring six months behind bars in connection with the Delhi liquor policy case.
Singh’s release on Wednesday evening follows a bail granted by the Supreme Court, which highlighted a notable lack of evidence linking him to alleged bribery involving the AAP and liquor licenses.
Gathered outside Tihar jail, Singh was welcomed with loud cheers by AAP supporters. His emergence from custody not only signals a personal relief but also serves as a significant boost for the AAP amidst ongoing legal challenges faced by its top leadership, including Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.
While addressing the gathering Singh said, “Jashn manane ka waqt nahi aya hai, sangharsh ka waqt hai (It’s not time to celebrate, it’s time to fight). Our party’s senior leaders Arvind Kejriwal, Satyendar Jain and Manish Sisodia are being kept behind bars. I have confidence that the locks of the jail will break and they will come out.”
Singh’s return to political activity after his release from custody holds importance in the backdrop of AAP’s efforts to navigate through a series of legal hurdles. With the Supreme Court’s decision on Tuesday to grant bail to Singh, allowing him to resume his political duties, the AAP leadership aims to regain momentum and focus on their political agenda.
However, the party continues to grapple with the legal entanglements surrounding key figures like Kejriwal and former Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia, who remain in custody in connection with the same case. Additionally, former minister Satyendar Jain’s detention in a separate money laundering investigation further underscores the challenges faced by the AAP.
As Singh steps back into the political arena, his release from custody marks a significant turning point for the AAP, setting the stage for renewed vigor and determination in the face of adversity.

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