Tom Cruise willingly ‘didn’t see’ daughter Suri Cruise ‘grow up’ | Hollywood

Tom Cruise has not seen his 18-year-old daughter Suri since she was just 7 years old, sparking questions about the reason behind their estrangement.

Tom Cruise with daughter Suri Cruise
Tom Cruise with daughter Suri Cruise

Despite his successful film career, including the Top Gun and Mission Impossible franchises, Cruise has seemingly chosen not to repair his relationship with his youngest child.

“The simple fact why Tom hasn’t seen Suri in all these years is because he has chosen not to. That’s it,” a source revealed to Star.

Notably, Cruise has maintained a positive relationship with his other children, leaving many to wonder why he has chosen not to reconnect with Suri. The award-winning star last spotted with his daughter back in 2012 only.

The 62-year-old seems to have a healthy mutual relationship with his two adopted children, Isabella Cruise, aged 31, and Connor Cruise, aged 29, with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

“In any divorce where there are children involved, a father is given the right to see their child,” the insider added, alluding Cruise’s 2012 divorce from Suri’s mother, Katie Holmes.

“Fathers who are incarcerated can see their children. Tom didn’t see Suri grow up because he chose not to. It was entirely his decision.”

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Can Cruise reconcile with his daughter, Suri?

In June, the teenager distanced herself by dropping the surname Cruise during her high school graduation ceremony in New York City, making it clear Suri doesn’t appear to want anything to do with her famous father.

She decided to go by Suri Noelle, her new last name, which she derived from her mother, Katie’s middle name.

“She is showing praise for her mother by using her middle name,” a separate source told Page Six, adding Suri was also eager to have “her own identity” to allow her to “start fresh at college” miles away from his father later this year.

The source also indicated that Suri’s decision to drop her father’s last name and adopt her mother’s middle name, Noelle, will help her maintain a lower profile and “avoid the paparazzi” as she begins her studies at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the fall.

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It isn’t clear if Suri has legally changed her last name from Cruise to Noelle, though she previously used the new moniker in the playbill for her performance in Head Over Heels on Broadway. Suri has no interaction with her father but, on the other hand, Katie has been a supporting mother to her daughter.

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