Twitch star Kai Cenat flies to Taiwan for this emotional event

Kai Cenat recently fulfilled a heartfelt promise by flying to Taiwan to attend the graduation of his loyal fan and good friend, Ray.

Kai Cenat shares the joy of seeing his friend Ray graduate through X post.(X/Kai Cenat)
Kai Cenat shares the joy of seeing his friend Ray graduate through X post.(X/Kai Cenat)

The Twitch icon has amassed a large following over the years and interacts intimately with his fans and viewers. Cenat indeed has some IRL (in real life) friends, one of whom is Ray, whom he met during the IRL Stream in Japan.

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One of the most notable friendships to emerge from Cenat’s content creation is with Ray, whom he met during an IRL stream in Japan.

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Kai and Ray’s friendship

Cenat’s journey is certainly a lot more developed at this time; for instance, he once travelled to Taiwan to visit Ray, he also posted a blog on the same. This bond was also seen when there were often talks about streaming on the part of both.

During one such session, Ray revealed his upcoming enlistment in the military following his graduation, and that left Cenat visibly shocked.

Cenat was live during a stream with comedian Kevin Hart. During this conversation, the Twitch star connected Hart with Ray, and Hart stated that he is looking forward to someday meeting Ray.

Cenat took to X (formerly Twitter) to announce that he had flown to Taiwan to attend Ray’s graduation, fulfilling a promise made weeks earlier. His journey to Taiwan, however, was fraught with challenges.

Cenat revealed that he got “stuck in the airport” for over 24 hours, and to make matters worse, the airline lost “all [his] luggage.” Despite these setbacks, Cenat said that it “was all worth it” to see Ray graduate.

The post goes like this, “Been stuck in Airport for 24+ Hours Travelled Across The World , Airline Lost All My luggage & Bags But It Was All Worth It To See My Boy GRADUATE🎓Congrats!” with a photo of the two smiling at the camera, with Ray in his graduation gown and Cenat in a suit.

Cenat’s fans flooding the post with comments of praise

One user noted, “Kai looks like a proud mentor and a father.”

“Kai pulled up in that Raymond Reddington im crying 😭😭😭,” another wrote.

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“Kai, that says a lot. Congrats to your boy, though. He’s got a real one,” one X user piped in.

“Real love right there,” another commented.

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