Watch: Man brutally thrashes dog inside lift; netizens in shock | India News

NEW DELHI: A disturbing footage of a man, believed to be a dog walker, repeatedly thrashing a Golden Retriever inside Gurugram apartment’s elevator is going viral on social media.
Sharing the CCTV footage on the X, formerly known as Twitter, Vidit Sharma wrote, “Disturbing to see animal cruelty on the rise with little attention from mainstream media.Ignoring it only fuels aggression in our furry friends. It’s time to speak up and take action. Let’s protect both human and animal well-being. #StopAnimalCruelty #dogs”

The man, in the footage, seems to be holding something, which appears to be a poop scooper. He uses it to hit the dog on its face repeatedly. The man also uses his hands to slap the dog. The video ends with them going out of the elevator.
Vidit Sharma, who shared this video, also revealed details identifying the dog walker. In a post Sharma wrote that the the dog’s owners were reportedly informed and are taking necessary steps to address this abuse.

After this video emerged on social media, several people demanded strict action against the man for animal abuse.
“Really disturbing! The man must be punished. But the pet parents must also understand. You have to have time for your pet. Don’t leave your pet in the care of others!” a user commented.
Another user said, “What the hell. Has he been arrested? Why do pppl employ useless walkers ? For God’s sake take your own pet yourself.”
An user wrote, “Poor kid. Every hit just breaks my heart. How cruel.”

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