Wearing turbans, Haryana CM, Jindal holds rally in Sikh dominated Pehowa in Kurukshetra | India News

PEHOWA: Wearing saffron colored turbans, Haryana chief minister (CM) Nayab Singh Saini and BJP’s Kurukshetra Lok Sabha candidate Naveen Jindal, addressed their party’s Vijay Sankalp rally in Sikh dominated Pehowa assembly constituency of Kurukshetra district on Monday.
Haryana minister Subhash Sudha and BJP’s Pehowa MLA and ex-minister Sandeep Singh were also present in the rally.
CM Nayab Saini appealed to the people to vote and elected Jindal as Kurukshetra MP.
“Modi’s 10 years are heavy on Congress’s 60 year rule. Ganga of development has been made to flow in the entire Haryana including Kurukshetra and Pehowa. Jyotisar has been renovated and infrastructure has been strengthened. Make Naveen Jindal win for developed Kurukshetra,”said CM Saini.
Speaking on this occasion, Naveen Jindal said, “Since childhood the feeling of patriotism was instilled in me. When I was 22-year-old, I was studying in America. I saw that Americans can hoist their national flag. But when I returned, we could not hoist our (Indian) national flag. At the age of 22, I started a legal struggle and after 10 years, we got the right that today every Indian can hoist the national flag on home every day. It is evident today everywhere. I have a 30 years old relation with you due to my father Om Prakash Jindal Ji and you also gave me a chance to serve for 10 years (as MP of Kurukshetra).”
“I assure you that this time I will do 10 times more work as compared to my past tenure with the blessing of Shri Narendra Modi Ji”, said Naveen Jindal.
Jindal mistakenly attributed


(holy verses) ‘

Soora So Pehchaniyai Jo Larrai Deen Ke Het..Purja Purja Katt Marai Kabhu na Chhadai Khet

’, written by Bhagat Kabir, part of Guru Granth Sahib, to Guru Gobind Singh, tenth Sikh Guru.
Mentioning the above Slok, Jindal said, “I recall writing of Guru Gobind Singh Ji (while it is writing of Bhagat Kabir). Therefore, I have only one motive, about how to change the face of the entire Kurukshetra constituency. We will do hard work and work for every class…We will have to work shoulder to shoulder to complete the dream of developed India of Modi Ji.”
Speaking about Pehowa, Jindal said, “A lot of development has taken place in Pehowa, but a lot more needs to be done. We want to develop Pehowa and make it a center of spiritual and cultural activities, as it is on the bank of the Saraswati river.”
Jindal promised to strengthen Pehowa’s connectivity with Kurukshetra by four-lane the road and improving the drainage system.
Appealing to people to vote for him, Jindal said, “This time you have to vote against liquor mafia and the party which takes funds from terrorist organisations. We have to vote for a developed India and the future of our children.”

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