Will Kim Seon Ho save the day and break Disney Plus’ underwhelming K-drama rut? See his upcoming project lineup | Web Series

Disney Plus is still looking to recreate the favourably stupendous frenzy it did with its smashing supernatural action series, Moving, last year. Debuting as the OTT platform’s original content in August 2023, the series based on Kang Full’s webtoon had its Squid Game renaissance, but on Disney Plus, becoming the platform’s most-watched K-drama ever within a week of its premiere.

Kim Seon Ho reunites with The Childe director, Park Hoon Jung, for a new four-part actioner, The Tyrant. It's premiere is slated for August 14, 2024, on Disney Plus.
Kim Seon Ho reunites with The Childe director, Park Hoon Jung, for a new four-part actioner, The Tyrant. It’s premiere is slated for August 14, 2024, on Disney Plus.

Since then, the streaming service has been attempting to build on the show’s platform-defying smashing success in every way possible, but to no avail.

The streamer launched in South Korea in November 2021 and steadily found its pace with a handful of Korean titles. Prior to Moving’s triumph, Disney Plus put together the iconic talents of veteran star Choi Min Sik and beloved South Korean actors Son Suk Ku and Lee Dong Hwi, curating an award-winning and critically acclaimed mix with Big Bet in 2022-23.

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However, as witnessed in recent times, the streaming service has failed to recreate a glorious victory afterwards.

In 2023, Disney Plus tapped the talents of the dearly loved Nam Joo Hyuk but again churned out a hackneyed plot with Vigilante. Despite the series’ masterful fight sequences and cinematography, it was quickly discarded as a forgettable production as soon as the weekly releases culminated.

Bringing back Han Hyo Joo of Moving fame for one of the initial premieres, Blood Free, of its 2024 Korean slate, Disney Plus was still looking for its next big hit.

Despite securing a visibly major win by getting multiple award-winning Korean film icon Song Kang Ko to prepare for his K-drama debut with Uncle Samsik, the streamer’s forgettability scarred hopes for a renewed light.

Even after bridging the gap for an unbelievably charming partnership between Alchemy of Souls’ titular presence, Lee Jae Wook, and treasured actor Lee Jun Young, the platform again missed a massive opportunity with The Impossible Heir. Becoming a series that was seemingly too tired to strive for something more than one-dimensionality, it even infuriated its initially excited (possibly only for the cast lineup) audience.

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The latest premiere of the Kim Ha Neul and Rain starrer Red Swan has also initiated another cry for help. As a light at the end of the tunnel, the much-adored Kim Seon Ho now stands upright to take a chance at winning the race with upcoming actioner, The Tyrant.

About The Tyrant K-drama

Set to premiere worldwide on Disney Plus on August 14, this series will be created by Park Hoon Jung. The director will seek to flash his awe-inspiring professional chemistry with actor Kim Seon Ho, for whom he opened the gates to an award-winning feature film debut with The Childe in 2023. If blessed by the onscreen magic deity, their alchemy will successfully hit the follow-up homerun the streamer has long been waiting for.

Also starring Cha Seung Won, Kim Kang Woo, Cho Yun Soo and Kim Joo Hun, this large-scale four-part chase action drama will interweave science fiction and fantasy elements. Akin to Park Hoon Jung’s The Witch movie series, The Tyrant will follow the noir worldview with sensational action, flipping the table on any identification with conventional protagonist roles.

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The series is centred around a US government agent attempting to recover a deadly virus stolen from the South Korean government. As anticipated, global intelligence agencies take up arms to prevent the virus from falling into nefarious hands.

Upcoming Kim Seon Ho K-dramas

Following the Tyrant premiere in August 2024, the celebrated star will go full throttle with back-to-back projects. Here’s a glimpse at his schedule:

  1. When Life Gives You Tangerines (Netflix): Cameo role. Premiere scheduled for late 2024 or 2025.
  2. Can This Love Be Translated? (Netflix): As Ju Ho Jin (leading role opposite Go Young Jung). Schedule for release in 2025.
  3. In the Net (TBA): Leading cast member alongside Park Gyu Young

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