Wipe out Congress in Lok Sabha polls, PM Modi replies to Rahul Gandhi’s ‘India will burn if BJP wins’ remark | India News

DEHRADUN/RUDRAPUR: PM Modi on Tuesday hit out at Rahul Gandhi for his ‘India will burn if BJP wins’ comment and asked people to punish Congress by ensuring it was routed in the polls.
“Shahzada (prince) of Congress’s ‘shahi’ (royal) family has announced that if the country chooses BJP for a third time, the country will be aflame. It shows their desperation.They have ruled the country for 60 years and just because they have been out of office for 10 years, they are so desperate they are speaking of setting the country on fire,” the PM said while opening his poll campaign in Uttarakhand. He asked people to ensure a wipeout of Congress “Will you allow the country to be set on fire?” he said.
PM: Cong, which facilitates infiltrators, is opposing CAA
Will you allow the country to be set on fire? Is this language acceptable? Is this the language of democracy? Shouldn’t you punish people who say such things? Congress, which has an Emergency-era mentality, has lost faith in democracy and is now trying to incite people against the results, Modi said about Rahul Gandhi’s remark.
Addressing the ‘Loktantra Bachao’ rally of INDIA bloc parties in Delhi on Sunday, Rahul had said if BJP secured victory through “match-fixing” in the Lok Sabha polls and altered the Constitution, the country would be on fire and wouldn’t survive. The rally also saw Modi strongly pitching for the Citizenship Amendment Act and berating Congress for opposing it . “Our govt introduced CAA to grant citizenship to those loyal to ‘Bharat Mata’, which is causing the most concern for Congress,” Modi said, adding that the majority of refugees who had come from Bangladesh and Pakistan were Dalits, Sikhs and Bengali families. “Congress, which facilitates infiltrators, is now opposing CAA,” he said.
Stating that people of Uttarakhand could not forget that Congress had insulted a brave son of the nation, the first Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat, he said, “Such a party cannot be expected to have patriotism.”
Referring to Congress MP from Karnataka D K Suresh’s comment that people of south India might have to demand a separate country if there was injustice in giving them their rightful share of taxes, Modi said, “Instead of punishing such people, Congress rewards them by giving them tickets to contest polls.”
The PM said action against the corrupt would go on and he would not be deterred by threats and abuses. “Don’t you think the corrupt should go to jail? The corrupt are threatening and abusing me. But they can’t deter me. Action against each one of the corrupt persons will continue,” he added.
He also highlighted the achievements of his party over the last decade, referring to it as a “preview” of what’s to come in his third term. “When intentions are right, such work happens naturally. That’s why I say, ‘neeyat sahi toh nateeje sahi’ (if intentions are right, the results are also good),” he said.
“In the third term, your son will do one more big task. To ensure you get 24-hour electricity, zero electricity bill and earn money from electricity, Modi has started ‘Pradhan Mantri Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana’,” the PM said, adding that govt was providing assistance to people to set up solar power panels on their rooftops under the scheme. Households consuming 300 units of power on an average would not only get it free but could also earn by selling surplus solar power to govt, he further said.
Claiming “unprecedented” development in Uttarakhand over the last decade, Modi said the achievements had surpassed those of the last 65 years. “On the lines of Kedarkhand, we are developing Manaskhand in Uttarakhand. The state’s integration into modern connectivity is due to BJP govt’s initiatives such as providing 85,000 pucca houses to the poor, water connections to over 12 lakh homes and constructing over 5 lakh toilets,” he added.
(Inputs from Aakash Ahuja & Agencies)

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