Woman misses last chance to meet her dying husband as Air India Express cancels flight | India News

NEW DELHI: In a tragic turn of events, Amrita, a woman whose husband was in a critical condition in an Oman hospital’s ICU, was unable to see him one last time before his passing due to the cancellation of her Air India Express flight last week. Despite booking tickets for May 8 to visit her husband in Muscat, Amrita was informed upon reaching the airport that her flight had been cancelled.
Her protest at the airport secured her a ticket for the following day on another Air India Express flight, but unfortunately, that flight was also cancelled, forcing her to abandon her travel plans entirely. On Monday, Amrita received the devastating news of her husband’s death from Oman.
Amrita’s mother expressed the family’s anguish, stating, “It was so unfair that she could not see him for one last time. We begged the airline to accommodate us on some other flight so that we could see him for one last time. But they did not do anything.” She also mentioned that Amrita’s husband had expressed his desire to see his wife and children, which prompted them to book the tickets.
Amrita later shared with reporters that after the second flight cancellation, the airline informed her that they were unable to assist her further. “They said their flights for the next four days were full and they cannot do anything,” she recounted. Her husband had been hospitalised following a massive heart attack, and Amrita had spoken to him over the phone, assuring him that she would try to reach him if possible.
The airline has not provided any immediate comment on the situation. Air India Express had cancelled numerous flights last week due to a shortage of cabin crew members, as a section of them reported sick in protest against alleged mismanagement at the Tata Group-owned airline.
The discontent among some cabin crew members has been growing for some time, particularly after the initiation of the merger process between AIX Connect (formerly AirAsia India) and Air India Express.
On May 10, the strike by a section of the cabin crew was called off, and the airline withdrew termination letters issued to 25 striking cabin crew members. Between May 8 and May 10, Air India Express had to cancel over 260 flights due to the cabin crew shortage, according to an airline source.
The airline stated on May 12 that it was gradually restoring its flights and stabilizing the network, with full normalcy expected by Tuesday. On the same day, the cabin crew union confirmed that all members who had reported sick had returned to duty by May 11.

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