Working on US info: EAM on Garcetti’s Pannun remarks | India News

NEW DELHI: Without revealing anything about the outcome of the probe into the US murder-for-hire charges, foreign minister S Jaishankar reiterated on Monday that India is investigating the information shared by US authorities because it involves India’s own “national security interests”.
Jaishankar was responding to US ambassador Eric Garcetti‘s remarks on the issue a day earlier in which he had said that no govt or govt employee can be involved in the alleged assassination of “one of your own citizens”.That’s just an unacceptable red line, he had said.
The US has blamed an identified but unnamed Indian official for the foiled plot to assassinate Khalistan leader and US national Gurpatwant Singh Pannun.
Asked about Garcetti’s comments, Jaishankar said the US ambassador will obviously speak about the position or thinking of the US govt. “I will speak about the position of our govt. And that is that in this particular case certain information has been shared with us which we are investigating. And we are investigating because we believe our own national security interests are involved in that investigation,” he said.
“At this moment, beyond the fact that there’s an investigation going on, we have nothing to say,” he added.
Garcetti had, in an interview, spoken against what he described as any country, having an active member of its govt involved in a second country, trying to assassinate one of its citizens. “That’s, I think, usually a red line for any country. That’s a basic issue of sovereignty. That’s a basic issue of rights,” he had said.

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